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Feb 27, 2023

Welcome Back to the Daily Mastermind daily dose of inspiration, motivation, education
My name is George Wright III, host. 25 years in PD, FE, Biz
Mission is to help you create and live your best providing this Free Daily Mastermind Community and Daily Rituals.
Quote- If you can accept losing, you can't win. Vince Lombardi
Thought- You should seek failure more often because it is the gateway to success
Pillars- Daily Affirmations for Success...Daily Reminder
I hope you are having a great week.  Today I want to talk with you about  how you can struggle your way to success and happiness. Its important to learn to focus on what you can control when you are dealing with loss, setbacks, and even trials in your life.
Too often we find ourselves in difficult times wishing we had established a consistent habit or set of habits that would carry us through difficult times.  But, its not always the habit (although this helps) that is the real key to getting through challenges.  Sometimes its just simply the focus...
we will talk about...
my Story of Divorce and focusing on Fitness...what I could control at the time... product self discipline product confidence product control
... by product habit and other positive benefits
...sometimes it just the first domino you need to knock down.
Success at different levels will always require different focus and different habits.
How do you build a great foundation and what do you focus on?
-Commitment & Consistency
-Find Your first Domino
-Start with 1 thing and then build from there
Overall, its important to understand the Power of the Process.
We talk about focusing on the journey and process for happiness and success.
But, we also need to recognize that finding focus in your foundation as a key STRATEGY.
I hope this episode brings you value and you will find ways to apply the ideas in your own life.  Thanks for listening.
George Wright
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About George Wright III:
George Wright is a Proven, Successful Entrepreneur- and he knows how to inspire entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals to achieve Massive Results. With more than 20 years of Executive Management experience and 25 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience, George is responsible for starting and building several successful multimillion-dollar companies. He started at a very young age to network and build his experience and knowledge of what it takes to become a driven and well-known entrepreneur. George built a multi-million-dollar seminar business, promoting some of the biggest stars and brands in the world. He has accelerated the success and cash flow in each of his ventures through his network of resources and results driven strategies. George is now dedicated to teaching and sharing his Prosperity Principles and Strategies to every Driven and Passionate Entrepreneur he meets. His mission is to Empower Entrepreneurs Globally to create Massive Change and LIVE their Ultimate Destiny.