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Mar 29, 2019

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort".  Franklin D. Roosevelt

Are you chasing a check or are you pursuing greatness?

My mentor and partner taught me that life is not about Achieving Happiness.  It is about Happily Achieving.  Today lets talk about your progress and some critical...

Mar 28, 2019

Every single day we are faced with Responsibilities and Pressures that create Worry and Stress.  Practicing Gratitude is a great way to Eliminate Worry, but I believe there are some Additional Strategies and Steps you can take to Stop Worrying and Start Living a better Life.

Today we will discuss my #1 way of Stopping...

Mar 27, 2019

We've been told most of our lives that our brains are really hardwired when we are young, and that is partially true.  But science has proven that the process of neuroplasticity says that we can absolutely create new learning paths, and rewire our brains at any age.

Today I'd like to talk with you about some ways you...

Mar 26, 2019

Today, I'd like to share with you a Poem written by Sonny Carrol. Its a poem about Awakening.  Its a poem about strength, power and inspiration.  It's a poem about YOU.

So sit back, close your eyes and take a break.

I hope you will enjoy this, and Please Share this with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

Have an...

Mar 25, 2019

Its not the events in our life that define us, rather it is the way we choose to handle those events that define us.  Many of us are choosing to carry around baggage from past events, situations and experiences, and it is time to choose happiness over being right.

Let's talk a bit about this today and take things to the...