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Jan 31, 2024

Let's chat today about Worry, Anxiety and things you can't control. :)

Does this Describe you
  • afraid to say what you really think
  • constantly thinking that people are upset with you when they really aren’t
  • do you do things that you dont really want to do and then regret it afterward
  • you find it hard to do...

Jan 30, 2024

Today on the podcast we are going to talk with an Amazing resource to help you cut your business taxes and maximise the deductions you could be taking.  We are joined by Mike Jesowshek.  Mike is the Founder and Host of the Small Business Tax Savings Podcast and has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur. 


Jan 29, 2024

Creating Your Best Life: Inspiration and Motivation for Growth
Let me ask you a question, 'Are you making a living or creating a life?
Today's podcast is not about strategies but about self-reflection. Are you living on autopilot or pursuing your dreams intentionally.
We get only what we negotiate with life, and...

Jan 25, 2024

Today on the podcast I want to share with you a very detailed formula I have developed over the last 25 years to structure your mindset, business and money.  I feel it is a very comprehensive way for you to look at how you are growing your business and your life.  

It is a lot of information, so I have included a...