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I Visualize and Manifest My Life

Nov 1, 2021

BLOG:  I Visualize and Manifest My Life- Pillar #12

Today is an exciting week as the final Prosperity Pillar in a 12-week series that we've been going through together! Principle number 12 is, “I Visualize and Manifest My Life.”

Dream and Become

Cheryl Grossman said, “I dream, therefore I become.” And this...

I Attract Success

Oct 25, 2021

BLOG:  I Attract Success- Pillar #11

Today is week 11 of a 12-week series on the Prosperity Pillars. This is Principle number 11 and it is I Attract Success. And on this, to start, here’s a quote I personally love and am I'm using inside my life personally.

I Must Become Better First

Jim Rohn  said, “Success is not...

I Create Daily Rituals

Oct 18, 2021

BLOG:  I Create Daily Rituals - Pillar #10

We are on Prosperity Principle number 10, which is I Create Daily Rituals. In order for you to be successful you must have habits. Successful people create daily habits that will guide them in their life, even when they don't feel like doing things that they need to do when...

I Am Committed to Life-Long Learning

Oct 11, 2021

BLOG:  I Am Committed to Life-Long Learning- Pillar #9

I am excited to talk with you about lifelong learning as principle number 9 of the 12 Prosperity Pillars. Principle number 9 says, “I Am Committed to Lifelong Learning.”

Napoleon Hill  said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can...

I Always Think Win-Win

Oct 4, 2021

BLOG:  I Always Think Win-Win- Pillar #8

Last week we talked a little bit about choosing happiness, and today is principal #8: I always think win-win. This is going to be about your paradigm, or your perceptions, of how you view life and success.

I’m going to quote Wayne Dyer  again, one of my favorites. He said,...