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Jun 24, 2022

When was the last time you thought about that topic...Your Purpose?
These are important topics and discussion you should be having with yourself...
...What's My Life's Purpose
...What should I really be doing with my Purpose in Life & Business
I've found in my life that it's super Important to Organize Your Life Around a Purpose
...without purpose life is out of control
...with purpose you can steer the right direction
There are so many benefits of purpose purpose brings peace of mind you inspiration to make your individual goals cohesive
...creates structure for your goals and daily activities
Does everyone have a purpose inside them?...Yes
Can you have more than one purpose?...Absolutely
Can your purpose change over time?...Yes
I believe it is important to learn and develop your purpose, so you do not just blindly adopted others purpose (people or companies)
So, what is your purpose and how to do identify it?
Well, purpose can feel like a calling inside you.
...might be difficult to pin point, but you recognize it when you see it.
...most likely you do have a feeling or direction already.
The Key is learning to organize your life (align it) around your purpose
That's when you see some changes start to happen with your fulfillment and results
Don't chase the PERFECT Life Purpose...there isn't one.
Some part of you already know the direction of your purpose.
But, if your purpose still feels hidden in your subconscious...
...its time to start being proactive and take action around your feelings
...otherwise your conscious mind will just stay busy and distracted.
A Life's Purpose is simple:
1- a short phrase or sentence at the most
2- life's purpose is not an action plan.  it is the "reason" behind plan
to become a world-class violinist
to help people in need
to bring joy and happiness
artist might have a purpose to challenge the way people think
business leaders might be to create a profitable business to impact the world
Each of these purposes' can be accomplished through creating and aligning a strategy, goal setting and consistent action in your everyday life.  The details of your plan are ultimately driven by the "reason."
Couple things to keep in mind..
-purpose is a merely a guide for living your life
-you can align your life around it
-it doesn't have to be your full time obsession
-your purpose can change as you live life and change yourself and your circumstances
Ultimately, everyone's purpose is extremely unique because none of us has the same talents, skills, needs, concerns and ambitions and interests.
The best way to integrate your Life's Purpose into your Destiny Planning is to Create a Personal Mission Statement. can be just a couple sentences you create around your purpose. will help drive your thoughts, actions, and life overall.
Personal Mission Statement Exercise
...I'll post a pdf you can download in the show notes.
Questions to set you up...
...what is the purpose of your life?
...why are you here?
...what do you want to experience in life? do you want to feel on a daily basis?
Personal Mission Statement Worksheet to help you guide your thoughts, create your plan, and see your Mission from several angles and perspectives...
Answer each of these questions with some careful thought.
  • My Life's Purpose is?....
    • (become the best version of myself)
  • My Empowering Self-Definition is?...
    • (whatever my mind can conceive and believe it can achieve with focus and discipline)
  • I Want My Life to be an Answer to What Question?...
    • (how can i share my talents with the world and create change and impact in the world)
  • My Mission in Life is?...
    • (to inspire and motivate others to create and live their ultimate destiny)
  • The Sort of Influence on Others I'd Like to be is?...
    • (I want to inspire, influence and support the people I love and those around me)
I hope these thoughts on Life's Purpose, Destiny and a Personal Mission Statement will help give you some direction, confidence and assistance in creating a better blueprint for your life.
Ultimately, as I said before, My goal is to help inspire you to CREATE and LIVE your ultimate destiny.
Thanks for listening today.  I'll see you again tomorrow.
George Wright III
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