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Jan 28, 2020

Grab a Pen and Paper and get ready for some VALUE BOMBS!!

I am joined today by New York Times Best-Selling Author William D. Danko, Ph.D.  Not only is he one of the leading experts on what it takes to be a millionaire, but his book The Millionaire Next Door has sold over 4 Million copies and was listed over 3 years in a row as a Best Seller...

Today we are going to discuss several items:

-The Millionaire Next Door Best Seller

-The Brand New Richer Than a Millionaire Book

-The 3 Direct Factors that lead to Increased Happiness 

You do not want to miss one second of this podcast. Dr Danko has worked with thousands and thousands to discover the Secrets, Habits and Character Traits of a Millionaire.  And More importantly, he will share today the Secrets to Achieve BOTH HAPPINESS AND WEALTH.

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Have a great week.

George Wright III

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