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Apr 27, 2021

It's Never Too Late to Create Your Life
How the Present Moment Will Define You
Quote of the Day
Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go- William Feather
It's never too late to create the life you were meant to live.
Many of us carry around too much baggage from the past.
We judge ourselves, others and our circumstances
Only when we become AWARE of our thoughts, actions, and past experiences can we begin to move into a present and productive life.
Your Past Doesn't Define You
Your past carries most of the negative thoughts and emotions you experience each day.
  • Fear- past experience doesn't predict future results
  • Doubt- create faith to overcome doubt
  • Regret- only if you don't change and experience better
  • Anger- take control of your life rather than letting anger control you
  • Self Image #1
    • stop thinking about past mistakes and experiences
    • your best version is yet to come
    • enjoy the process and know the best version is always increasing
The Present is Where You Will Create Your Future
The present is yesterdays future that has finally arrived...George Wright III
Our minds tend to drift between Pasts and Future without regard for the present.
The present is the ONLY reality that truly exists.
The present is a gift, so recognize the value...
Why a gift?
  • Fresh start to make life better
  • Future uncertain and full of opportunity (choice)
  • New Opportunities created in the present
  • #1 Be grateful you are here and present
How Can You Start to Create in the Present
  1. Let Go of the Past- it's simply a decision to learn and move forward
  2. Take Massive Action Today- don't put off till tomorrow
  3. Have Clarity on Direction- what you focus on grows
  4. Daily Rituals for Discipline- boundaries and preparation for growth
  5. Focus Your Efforts- momentum is created with focus
  6. Embrace Change- don't fear the unknown
  7. Mastermind with The Right People- find strength in others
Sometimes the Best Fresh Start is a Fresh Start...
Be the Catalyst for Change in Your Life...Don't wait for change to happen.
Find Strength in