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May 19, 2020

Focus of Learning to Rewire Your Brain
Yesterday we discussed:
-personal development isn’t enough
-need to learn to rewire your brain (neuroplasticity)
-covering key topics from experts over past 25 years
Today I want to share:
-Lessons I’ve learned recently from David Bayer
-Personal Development 2.0
-Inc top 3 events…thousands coaching & transformation 
-belief cycle thoughts, feelings, actions, results, beliefs
-we know we have limiting beliefs
*How do we change these beliefs…permanently
Does this describe you:
-doing well but want greater impact
-struggling with old patterns
-trying to get past a ceiling of success
-feel like environment is dictating your success
So you’ve uncovered a DESIRE for more and LOOKING INSIDE
…but you can’t seem to find a strategy for lasting change
David has a powerful ebook you can download FREE 
…in it he discusses the need to create energy in your life
…he discusses how to do this with 4 key success habits like decisions, gratitude, clarity and questions…confidence
More importantly he really diagrams out the path, strategies and concepts needed to create and embed lasting change.
He talks about mapping out your limiting beliefs, creating awareness when they arise, and finding evidence to produce new thoughts and mindset to overcome them.
But there are 1 specific principles i want to highlight for you today…the Power of Decisions
David talks about the fact that we live in only 1 of 2 states of being:
-beautiful state….powerful state…high energy
-suffering state…scarcity…low energy
*sympatheic and parasympathetic system in our body
flight or flight….rest and relaxation
Only Powerful states can give us Growth, creativity, Strength.
The key is awareness and decisions to stay in that state.
Remember…THIS IS KEY
-our experiences create our beliefs in life
-but we are the only ones that give meaning to an experience
*you must learn to RECOGNIZE AND DECIDE what meaning to give…with practice and repetition you can change how you do
We are super good at giving meanings to things…based on our limiting beliefs…THIS IS HUGE…AWARENESS OF THIS IS KEY
See most people have learned the Wrong way of looking at decisions in their lives
We think we must wait till we have the facts, gameplan and details to make a decision…
But the TRUTH IS…successful people know that they MAKE DECISION FIRST AND THE DETAILS FOLLOW….
I hope that today you have learned a few things about what and how you need to focus on becoming AWARE OF YOUR DECISIONS AND MEANING YOU GIVE EVENTS…and how that impacts your beliefs and therefore your life
Go download David’s ebook and study this principle…and more.
Tomorrow we are going to dig in a little deeper and I want to talk with you about a KEY PRINCIPLE I learned from T Harv Eker the NYTimes best selling author of SOMM.
George Wright III