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Jul 25, 2022

Welcome back to the Daily Mastermind...

Somtimes in life we need to choose a path that doesn't seem fair or easy.  The path that seems dificult, long and hard.  But, I want you to consider for a minute that you can make the conscious decision to "choose" the difficult path becuae it will help you create yoru best life.

John F. Kennedy gave a speech when he was trying to win support of the American People for the Apollo Space Program.  In this speech he talks about why we all have the freedome to "choose" the difficult path in order to create our destiny rather than have our destiny decided "for us".

Today we are going to talk about that and I hope it provides you with some inspiration and motivation to crush yoru goals.

Thanks for listening.

Please share this episode with someone today.  I would appreciate it and it may help someone struggling.