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Sep 28, 2020

A few years ago I read an article about how we interact with the world.  It used an analogy of a Tugboat vs a Lighthouse.  A few weeks ago I saw that same message again, so I thought I would share it with you today.
You see we can choose how we interact with the world, and we can choose how we communicate with people around us.  Especially in today’s world, it seems many of us are trying to be “heard”.  We are all trying to share a message with people around us that we feel might resonate with them and help create meaningful change in their lives.  
Maybe you’ve experienced this in your life.  Because of all the noise and clutter in the world today, it’s very difficult to actually be “heard”.  Its even more difficult to have people pay attention with you feel you might be able to help them.  You may have kids or family or friends that you are trying to help create change.  You may be an entrepreneur who is following your passion and are trying to bring your product to market.  Or maybe you are simply someone who cares deeply for the people around you and want to help them make changes in their lives…
If you fall into any of those scenarios, I’m sure you have also experienced the frustration and disappointment of not feeling like your message is being received.  Or maybe you simply cannot understand why people you interact with are not accepting the message or influence you are genuine trying to help them with.  
I’ve had this happen in my life.  I’ve spent a lot of my life running around trying to help others, or influence others in a positive way only to feel anxious, stressed or even alone in my efforts to create something meaningful.  Maybe you’ve felt the same…
Well there is an analogy that compares this type of activity to a Tugboat and a Lighthouse.
The Tugboat and the Lighthouse have very much the same mission.  Each of them are put in place to help save Boat and guide them into the harbor safely.  The Tugboat will go out and rescue other boats.  It will expend a great amount of energy pushing and pulling boats that are stranded and helping them get into shore.  The tugboat provides an amazing service and is responsible for helping many boats in distress.  However the tugboat needs to apply pressure and energy to basically force these “stranded” boats into safe harbor.
The Lighthouse, on the other hand, stands firmly at the shore.  It shines it light as a message to the passing boats in order to help them avoid the rocks and dangerous pitfalls that they may otherwise end up crashing and sinking on.  The lighthouse does not need to go out and force the boats to do anything.  It simply focuses on shining its light and allows the boats in the distance to choose whether or not they will follow its light and safely make it ashore.  
This message really impacted me personally, and I think it can help share a very powerful message with you as well.
Whether you are focused on creating better relationships, sharing your message or products with the world, or simply becoming a better version of yourself.  It might be helpful for you to practice the lessons taught in this example.  Learn to be more of a lighthouse to the world.  Learn to share your value and message with others, but allow others to choose whether they will accept or benefit from what you have to offer.  Nothing obtained through force, coercion or even pressure will ever last, and most times it will not grow and develop into something strong unless it does it on its own.
In life, I have often felt that…and maybe you’ve heard this phrase…”if it's going to be, it’s up to me”.  But, I’ve learned that that doesn’t mean that you need to force things to happen in your life.  Yes, work hard, take massive action, and pursue your dreams and goals. But, also learn to leave space for attraction, and learn to be at peace with the results in your life when they don’t turn out exactly as you intended them to turn out.
This requires you to develop a few key characteristics that a partner of mine, Robert Stuberg, always reminds me of…
You need to learn to focus on and develop:
  • Faith- Believe that there is a reason and a purpose for everything even if you don’t yet understand what that reason is.
  • Courage- Believe that you can overcome whatever challenges come your way and that every event in your life only has the meaning you give it.
  • Resolve- Believe that quitting equals failure and that you are committed to your path in life.
  • Compassion- Believe that helping others equals success and that you can only control the message you share with the world.
  • Gratitude- Believe that it is a miracle that you showed up here on planet earth and learn to be love and appreciate what you have been given.
I hope that you can start your week with this message in mind, and that you can find a way to create peace of mind in your day, your week and your life.  Learn to find comfort in the values and principles that you believe in and stop letting the outside world influence, direct or control your day to day activities. This is my goal for you.
Remember, that it’s never too late to start living the life you were meant to live.  That begins with today.  Have a great day.
George Wright III