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Mar 20, 2020

I’ve had several discussions with family, friends and partners this week, and a common message seems to be surfacing.  People are working from home.  Kids are not in school.  Restaurants are closing their dining rooms.  Theaters, Malls, Stores and Businesses are shutting down temporarily.  As a result, people are bored, slowing down and “waiting” for things to change. 
Sure there is less traffic, and maybe you need to go through the drive through when you go out to eat, but thats not what I want to talk with you about.
Most people are feeling trapped, isolated, and even unproductive.  Yes, I think it is amazing what communities are doing to create social separation, virus awareness, and even increase hygiene in attempts to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 virus. 
BUT, how you identify and perceive this current economic slow down is very very important in my opinion. After all…your perception of circumstances in your life is everything…Its your reality.  I’m not talking about whether you stay positive and optimistic or not.  I’m talking about whether you are buying into this momentum shift and the slow down in how you are living your life over the coming weeks.
Are you looking at this as an opportunity to take a vacation or sleep in a bit longer, or are you taking this as an opportunity in your favor?…a time to shine...
You see when you are trying to create your best life, you need to recognize opportunities to get ahead when they are presented.  Rather than slowing down and taking a break, you should be capitalizing on this opportunity to double down on your talents, infrastructure and gameplan.
Let’s not forget that we are playing at this game of life regardless of what is going on around us.  The battle going on inside your head doesn’t stop.  Time doesn’t stop.  The anxiety, stress, or even depression that many of you feel doesn’t go away.  Your health, relationships and finances don’t have a pause button.  Hopefully there are many ways that government, local businesses, and those around you will pull together and help communities and individuals out.  But, it’s up to you to make sure you are healthy, strong and moving forward with your life.
Don’t be the person that is waiting on “circumstances” to change.  Don’t be the person that feels powerless to change your own economy.  
Bottom Line...Don’t wait around for things to change…Be the Change.
I’m suggesting you use this time wisely.  Create opportunities in your life in the midst of the challenges.  Find areas of your life you can improve and expand upon.  Sure, it might be tough and resources might not be readily available, but you CAN set yourself up for massive success and momentum if you focus on the right things while EVERYONE ELSE is taking a break.
Let me give you some examples of things you can really Double Down on during the next few weeks
Get clear on what you really want in life.
(it can always get clearer)
Double Down on your Daily Rituals.
(add some new ones, get better, use the silence)
Catch up on Work and Business Projects.
(work on the important not urgent you rarely get time for)
Get ahead of the Competition with new Strategies. 
(when they sleep you build)
Create, Innovate, and Build new Business Models.
Remember what I said a few weeks ago when we were talking about Abundance Thinking verses Scarcity Thinking.  You have to start from a place of solution. Rather than thinking there are less resources, opportunities, money, and people to work with, you need to identify and start thinking about the super long list of opportunities this gives you to improve your life.
Spend more time with your kids and key relationships.
Develop your mindset and filter on life.
Use this time to get in shape and eat healthier.
It's my hope that you will take a good hard look at the time, money, resources and goals that you Have instead of the ones that you Don’t have.  Then, start moving forward today toward your goals with even more commitment, passion and resolve.  If you do this, I promise it will put you ahead of the curve and much closer to the life you Want you were meant to live.
Enjoy your day and I’ll talk with you more tomorrow.
George Wright III