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Nov 27, 2020

Let's talk today about some of the truth behind what is going to drive you to the next level.

I've spent most of my life achieving levels of success that have allowed me to network and learn from some of the biggest names in the industry of Personal Development and Financial Education.

Most people don't realize that the...

Nov 25, 2020

WOW...This is Episode 300.  I can't believe it.

To celebrate I am simply going to include my rough random notes for this podcast and encourage you to listen and share this episode.  lol

I hope you enjoy...

Listened to a Powerful Audio from Joe Rogan…can’t even remember where.
Love his passion, enthusiasm and...

Nov 24, 2020

I'd like to share 12 Principles for you to use as a strong foundation for you to build on for the final 6 weeks of the year.

I've spent the past 25 years learning from some of the best mentors in the world and I've taken the lessons I've learned and distilled them down to 12 specific (timeless) principles for success.


Nov 23, 2020

Welcome back to the Daily Mastermind…


I’m super excited to change up our format of the weekly podcast episodes over the last 6 weeks of the year.


I’ve decided to mirror my own personal schedule throughout the end of the year in order to motivate and inspire you with the ideas, strategies and schedule that I am...

Nov 19, 2020

So glad you are tuning in to today's episode.  Hope you are having a great week.  If not, let's change that for you.

Today I want to talk about ways we can accept the challenges being thrown at us in life.  Finding ways to practice more acceptance is an Art not a Science.

I hope you enjoy the thoughts.

George Wright...