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The Daily Mastermind is a Daily Podcast for Entrepreneurs. It provides a Daily Dose of Inspiration, Motivation and Education to help you Create Your Ultimate Destiny and Unleash Your Potential. Mastermind with George Wright III, an Expert in Financial Education, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship, while he provides key strategies for your growth and success. George will not only be providing his own insight, but also interviewing top leaders to share their expertise.

George Wright III Story

George has more than 20 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience and 15 years of Executive Management experience. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communication and Marketing and is responsible for starting several successful multimillion-dollar companies.

As a founding member and the VP of Inside Sales and Marketing for Investools, a large publicly traded stock investor training company, he was responsible for starting and growing their inside telesales division to just under $1 Million per week in sales. This company has done over a billion dollars in sales and was acquired by T D Waterhouse (Ameritrade) for approximately $600 million dollars.

Following Investools, George then took a key position as the VP of Global Marketing and Communications for Unicity International, a Utah-based direct sales company, where he created and managed marketing campaigns and call center operations. He successfully integrated direct marketing and sales campaigns with the efforts of the field representatives to create significant improvements in company sales and leadership advancement.

Following this, George accepted a position as the Chief Executive Officer of a Financial Education Events Company. This company conducted marketing and financial education events worldwide for celebrities and speakers such as Donald Trumpthe Duchess of York, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Steve Young and many others. He grew the company’s annual sales from $36 million per year to just under $200 million in 2007. In 2007 alone, the company spoke to over 250,000 people in live events and managed over 75 million pieces of direct mail.

In 2007 George founded and built a company called The Evolution Group that conducted seminars and marketing efforts throughout North America. This company has successfully created and launched several infomercials, direct mail and multi media campaigns for well-known experts like Armando Montelongo, from A&E’s Flip this HouseRobert Shemin, a NY Times bestselling author, and Donald Trump.

At the end of 2009, George sold the Evolution Group in order to focus and expand his international direct selling business with Monavie. In April and May of 2010 his organization successfully launch the company into Korea. They enrolled over 40,000 distributors that grew to generate over $1 million in weekly revenue and expanded into several US cities as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

George went on to own and operate a Marketing and Financial Education consulting business, which served as Marketing Director and/or CMO for multiple clients and leaders in the Financial Education Space. His strategic partners and clients operate in over 60 countries and have trained millions of people worldwide through personal and financial education workshops, seminars and training programs. He has worked with and managed partnerships and marketing efforts with companies, individuals and trainings that include New Peaks, Success Resources, The Millionaire Mind Experience, Club Prosperity, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiosaki, T Harv Eker, David Bach, and many Best Selling Authors and TV Celebrities.

George also is the Founder & Host of The Daily Mastermind Podcast on iTunes and Google Play, which chas received tens of thousands of downloads.  The Daily Mastermind is a podcast that provides Motivation, Inspiration & Education for Entrepreneurs around the world.

Through his experience George has established a proven track record of performance and a strong list of personal contacts and relationships in the industry of direct sales and marketing. His ability to innovate, create strategic partnerships and grow revenue and profits is unmatched in the industry.