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I Create Daily Rituals

Oct 18, 2021

BLOG:  I Create Daily Rituals - Pillar #10

We are on Prosperity Principle number 10, which is I Create Daily Rituals. In order for you to be successful you must have habits. Successful people create daily habits that will guide them in their life, even when they don't feel like doing things that they need to do when their motivation runs out.

Habits and Rituals Drive Success 

You must create daily habits in order to drive your success, and you need to commit to your rituals on a daily basis. Be specific with what your intent is. Don't just go through the motions of what you read in books.

Do things that are going to create specific intent to help you reach your goals. Over time, your rituals are going to establish basic patterns of discipline in your life. So that when you don't feel motivated, when you don't feel like doing what you need to do, they carry you through.

Let's be honest. None of us feel like doing what we need to do all of the time. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people create habits, rituals, and daily activities for success.

Setting Up Successful Rituals

So here are some strategies and things that you can do in order to set yourself up for success and create daily rituals that will guide you where you need to be.


I would highly recommend that you analyze the time of day that's going to help you the most. I really like starting the day in the morning with a couple of habits that are going to get my day started right.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, myself included, when you start your day out right it goes in a great positive direction. When you don't start out right it's hard for you to be able to catch up. Sometimes you feel like you're behind and you feel like you’re just playing catch-up.

So the time of day is important! I highly recommend the morning. Now, there are a lot of individuals out there that will try to tell you to get up at three or four o'clock in the morning in order to make this work.

Don’t fully listen to that. Just start where it works for you. Just start with something, then analyze the best time of day for you and start setting yourself up for success. If it's going to be in the evenings or the afternoon, do that! But start.


Second, start with a limited number of practices that you could do every day. Because here’s the problem: most of us overload ourselves. We create this big, long list  (I've done it many times):

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Do this
  • Do that
  • Work out
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Whatever it is

Forget doing all of it! Set yourself up for success by just creating two or three things that you can commit to and you can follow through with. If you don't commit and follow through with them, it's just going to be something that's going to set you back and make you feel like a failure.

So be limited, and simple, to start.


Next, target the things that are going to help you make progress in your life. 

Yes, it’s good to have affirmations.

We would love for everyone to work out.

We would love for everybody to read or to meditate.

We would love to know that everyone is getting some type of personal accountability.

But target the thing that YOU INDIVIDUALLY need for your results. To ensure that you’re growing, don’t target things that are always easy for you to do. If you say to yourself, “I'm going to work out,” and you don't have a gym membership ... Or you're going to work out, but you don't have anything laid out the night before ... When you get up in the morning you might be really tired as all of us are, and you’ll just fall right back into bed.

Let's face it, most of us don't feel like doing things we need to do right when we’re starting to do them. So, you need to line yourself up for success.

How do you do that? If it's working out, that’s laying the clothes out the night before. If it's accountability, then get a partner; get a mentor. If it's reading, have those books next to your bed or wherever you can get to them.

Have the stuff ready so that you are lined up for success.


Use what works best for you. You know reading through books is great, but if you are better at listening to the audio books, listen to the audio books. If you feel like music motivates you more than a podcast, create a playlist you love. If you need guided meditation vs. open meditation, do the guided meditation.

It's better that you follow what's most effective for you.


Lastly, track and monitor what your daily rituals and your habits are. If you don't track and monitor your rituals, then you're just going about it without any specific intent. What you measure will grow and what you focus on will grow. That is a fact.

You need to track and monitor. Maybe run a tally of how consistent you're being, or how often you're doing it. Maybe it’s how long you're meditating. It's just like most performance athletes. They know exactly what their measurements are, what their times are, and what their goals are.

You must track and monitor in order to set yourself up for strategically accomplishing daily rituals.

Your Challenge Today

I'm going to challenge you to create three simple rituals. Create three simple rituals that you're going to start tracking right now. Not later today, not later in the week. Now.

The Daily Mastermind Podcast might be a ritual that will help inspire and motivate you every day. That's why I do it daily. Or use The Daily Mastermind app to access eBooks, audio books, meditations, affirmations, articles, and all kinds of different things in there you need.

I’m here to help you gravitate to what helps you the most! But I'm challenging you today to write down three simple daily rituals. Share them with me in the comments below.

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