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Jan 31, 2022

Today on the podcast lets talk about your Identity...
Last few weeks we've been going through the Creating Your Ultimate Destiny Course.
1-What's Your Destiny?...Your Beliefs
2-How to Live Your Destiny...Your Decisions
3-Destiny-Shaping Decisions...Your Actions
Today I want to talk about Redefining Your Identity...Your True Self
Bottom Line...You Are Who You Decide You Are...
Identity is not created from just 1-2 of your characteristics or circumstances.
Let's take a second and Break down what makes up your identity
There are 3 levels of Identity...let's break these down and then...
...Create an Empowering Self Definition
Identity is made up of 3 levels of Influence.
1- Background Information (individual characteristics)
2- Beliefs that Shaped you (ideas arbitrarily given to life)...can be Changed anytime
3- Conscious Self Definition (management level of identity)...orchestrate first 2 levels of identity.
So important that you Create an Empowering Self Definition for yourself.
Why it is important...
...applied to all 3 levels of your identity
...eliminates disempowering and self-limiting beliefs in Level 2
...shield you from negativity by helping you see your own infinite worth and potential
Ask yourself a few questions...
What do you think about yourself?
What do you say about yourself to other people?
What do your actions say about you?
What do you think other people think about you?
...How do these answers affect and influence your life?
Breakdown your identity in each of the 3 levels...
Identify Empowering Characteristics of yourself at each level...
CHALLENGE: Create an Empowering Self-Definition for Yourself this week