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Mar 13, 2020

Finding Joy in the Little Things…

I woke up this morning around 6am, which is pretty late for me.  
Yes, I’ll admit that I was saving up my energy for my 3 year old grandson who was being dropped off for the day.  
Most of you know that I hit the gym around 6am so you’d think it would be far easier to just hang out at home and watch some cartoons and eat gogurts.  Well…you’d be wrong.  The amount of energy it takes to keep up with a 3 year old has reminded me just how flexible and laid back my daily routine really is…and that is saying a lot.
However, I am always excited to take some time off to enjoy the simplicity and wonder of someone so young and disconnected from the problems of the world today.  
It wasn’t always this way for me though.  I can remember raising my kids (who are now grown up and gone) and always feel the pressures of business, finances and life weighing me down.  This made it very hard to concentrate and enjoy the time I spent with them.  In hind sight, I definitely lost out on a lot of quality time and enjoyment.  Now dont get me wrong.  We have lots of memories of trips, events, and life, but as time has gone on I have learned to enjoy life much more along the way.
So I wanted to just remind you to do the same…enjoy your life.  Don’t be so caught up in achieving your goal that you don't take time out to live a quality life.  If you work hard and create discipline in your life, you will certainly accomplish your goals and still be able to enjoy the process along the way.
Here are few thoughts, ideas and suggestions I want you to remember:
  • Don’t let your vision of your future, rob you of the joy in the present.
  • Learn to love the journey so that you can have BOTH.
  • Make it a priority to create Memories in Your Life.
  • Take a Mental Inventory often of the Things you are Grateful For.
  • Slow Down and Be Present in Your Life.
  • Appreciate and Nurture Your Relationships.
  • Stop Worrying about Things You Don’t Control.
  • Love What you do or Make a Change.
  • Smile...
Try to remind yourself every day and every week that you only get one life.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  You get one life, so make sure you are LIVING IT.
I have a little plaque in my office that has the serenity prayer on it, and I’d encourage you to follow its advice.  It is timeless wisdom to follow.
Every single one of us has greatness all around us.  There are people, opportunities, memories, experiences and everyday things in life that you may be overlooking or taking for granted.  I encourage you to slow down and learn to love and appreciate what you have.  Happiness truly comes from learning to want what you have rather than have what you want.  AS Ed Mylett says, Blissful Dissatisfaction is a good thing. 
And as my grandson continues to remind me…even a Disney movie watched for the 23 time can be fun and exciting.  haha.  Have a great day.  Talk soon.
George Wright III