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May 28, 2020

Today I want to share some thoughts from an Amazing thought leader named Brenden Burchard.  He has written many many books and had millions and millions of views on his online videos.  He is truly a gifted thought leader I have learned a ton of stuff from that I implement in my own life.  His book High Performance Habits is right on my desk most of the time.
He has written many articles and has some great thoughts on Conditioning Your mind.
He says, We have automatic thoughts and behaviors all the time, but...
-not a matter of reprogramming….JUST TRAINING
We just struggle to Mastermind our Mind...
-it feels out of control
-it feels negative all the time, etc
How are thoughts generated
2 systems of thoughts
1-automatic from past experiences…the brain loves to automate and optimize
-usually not helpful….they are just automatic
2-conscious mind when you are mature and directing your thoughts (most dont)
-highest…peak performers are AWARE and CONSCIOUS of their thoughts
-they want positive, empowering, confident thoughts (NOT) just protective thoughts
*How do you develop these strong thoughts into automatic thoughts….RWID Framework relative weight of importance and duration
NOTE-people that have lots of negative thoughts are creating the automatic negative because of the frequency and focus they have on negative thoughts. 
-repetition cause them to come back over and over and quicker and quicker…they weight and duration cause them to be auto.
*must apply this same weight and duration to positive thoughts if you want to train your mind.
STEP 1 BE aware of your thoughts…check in often…make it routine…not just when they are negative
STEP 2 IF Negative…Redirect it immediately…You can redirect by questioning your thoughts…question the opposite.
-visualize the positive and stay stuck on that for a period of duration and weight
Untethered Soul…Become the nuetral observer….this is the ACT THAT EMPOWERS YOU…TRY IT
  • You feel that thing.
  • You sense it.
  • You sense what your next step would be.
  • You sense how it would feel if the outcome would be better.
  • How would it feel emotionally, psychologically, spiritually for that thing?
Allow it to have a lot of emotion. Pay attention to it with your eyes closed. You see that thing, you feel it and sense a different step, you know what you’re going to do, you pay attention to it and you keep focusing on that over a period of minutes.
Focus, give attention, duration and sensation to positive thinking. Attention, duration, sensation. Attention, duration, sensation.
Repeat this process….You either give the time to negative or positive…BUT you decide ultimately
Exercises to get you started
First, write down five positive questions that you’re going to ask yourself three or four times a day. Every day you’re going to read these questions to yourself and answer them. They can be questions like…
  • What can I feel incredibly grateful for right now?
  • How could I surprise somebody right now?
  • How could I have fun right now?
  • How could I demonstrate love or excellence right now?
Do this for 30 days and you will recognize a total shift in your life.
Second, come up with three words that describe your ideal self. Mine are “present, excited and bold.” Focus on those questions three times a day as well. Put them on your phone where they come up as an alarm three different times during the day. 
Sounds simple but most of you wont do it, which is why most don't get results
The more you focus.  The more you practice.  The more it becomes automatic.
The BATTLE of your mind is exactly that…a BATTLE.  Don’t go into battle or the GAME every day without a strategy, a game plan, a practice.
Start Consciously Creating the Life you want by “Creating” the life you want…got it?
I hope that helps you, and more importantly, I hope you will implement these thoughts and strategies from an amazing thought leader, Brenden Burchard.