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Jun 29, 2022

Every single one of us is glued to a mobile phone now days.  It is almost critical to doing business and staying connected.  But do we realize just how much time we are spending connected and online?  Are we aware of the amount of influence and programming that our lives are receiving both consciously and subconsciously??

Today I want to revisit with you a topic that I feel can help you to really create an INCREASE in productivity in your life and business...despite the paradox it might appear to suggest..."Digital Downtime".

I hope it brings you massive value.  Please send me some feedback on what your thoughts are on this topic.  Thanks for listening.

George Wright III


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About George Wright III:

George Wright is a Proven, Successful Entrepreneur- and he knows how to inspire entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals to achieve Massive Results. With more than 20 years of Executive Management experience and 25 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience, George is responsible for starting and building several successful multimillion-dollar companies. He started at a very young age to network and build his experience and knowledge of what it takes to become a driven and well-known entrepreneur. George built a multi-million-dollar seminar business, promoting some of the biggest stars and brands in the world. He has accelerated the success and cash flow in each of his ventures through his network of resources and results driven strategies. George is now dedicated to teaching and sharing his Prosperity Principles and Strategies to every Driven and Passionate Entrepreneur he meets. His mission is to Empower Entrepreneurs Globally to create Massive Change and LIVE their Ultimate Destiny.