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Jan 19, 2022

Today I want to do something different...

I have read hundreds and hundreds of books over the years, and I realize just how much they have impacted my life and business.  So, I am going to start highlighting a key "best selling" book for you each week.  Books that will help you to elevate yoru game, increase your skill mastery, develop your leadership skills and simply ad to your personal growth. 

Sometimes we get so busy that it can be a major advantage to utilize book summaries and get the golden nuggets right out of key books written by thought leaders and experts.  I encourage you to continue to read each day, but I want to provide you with a little "unfair advantage" and help you consume even more content and education to apply in your life with some highlights and summaries from best selling books I have personally recommended or read.

My hope is that it will inspire you to read and apply the principles that I highlight for you.  

Today, I want to highlight a couple value bombs from each of about 20 books that I felt are great sources of content.  These are not books I will be reviewing over the coming weeks, but I felt are important and recommended sources of great value.

I hope you enjoy.  Thanks for listening.

And...don't forget to go grab a copy of the Just Release book by Robert Stuberg, "Creating Your Ultimate Destiny."  The book is my gift to you while they last.  I paid for the book and you just cover the shipping, and I will mail you a hard copy.

George Wright III