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Dec 20, 2023

Today I want to talk to you about ways to increase motivation. I feel there are really three key areas to pay attention to: the people you surround yourself with, the places you spend your time, and the practices you adopt. If you are struggling with motivation or even just sense a need for more motivation or inspiration in your will want to take some notes on this episode. I truly hope it will help you take your game to a new level.
Thanks for listening. Please share this show with at least one person that might benefit from it. It would mean a lot to me and help others in the process.
00:25 Quote of the Day
01:03 The Importance of Motivation
01:53 Three Ways to Level Up Your Environment
03:07 The Role of People in Your Environment
05:47 The Role of Places in Your Environment
08:11 The Role of Practices in Your Environment
10:00 Self-Reflection and Overcoming Obstacles
10:51 Conclusion and Final Thoughts