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Sep 21, 2023

Let’s talk about Real Estate investing today…

Lan Kawaoka has a serious background in Real Estate Investing, Education and helping others to create a Passive Cashflow in Real Estate. With over $2.1 Billion in assets owned and over 10,000 units, he has some very Real and very Practical Advice for you today.  I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Topics Covered:

  • ·       How to Create Passive Real Estate Income
  • ·       How to Start Real Estate Investing without it being a Second Job
  • ·       Where to start the education process to succeed in real estate
  • ·       What is the Wealth Elevator Formula for Investing

I certainly hope you gain some valuable insights from Lane on investing in Real Estate.  Please send me feedback on what I can do to help you grow your wealth.

You have Greatness inside you.  I know you can Learn, Grow and Accomplish anything you put your mind toward.  I appreciate you listening today.  See you tomorrow.

George Wright III


In an era marked by swift changes and constant disruption, the path ahead can seem daunting for even the most seasoned business leaders. Chris Marshall, widely renowned as the ‘Uncertainty Scientist’, combines his expertise as both a professional futurist and behavioral scientist to assist with this challenge. In 2022, Chris published the book "Decoding Change", helping people step back from the rapid changes ongoing and recognize the true driving forces shaping this new era. Chris is also the founder and creator of the PPM Method (Pause, Play, Move Method), built on the latest neuroscience and stress research. It provides entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and leaders with the tools to master disruption, cultivate their best thinking, and build resilient teams. 


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