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May 26, 2022

We are all facing Obstacles in our lives right now.  It might be a business challenge; it might be loss of a job.  It might be a relationship gone wrong that is affecting everything in your life.  It might be health concerns or communication problems.  It might even be a challenge that is with someone close to us or someone that we love and care about, but it is affecting our lives and challenging our mindset daily. 

Whatever the challenge, these are usually things that really impact our daily lives.  They are usually big obstacles that keep us “stuck inside our heads” or “paralyzed to move forward" in areas that we really need to be focused on in our lives right now.  Well, some of the Stoic Philosophies offer a BLUEPRINT (solution so to speak) for how we can not only Overcome these Obstacles but Turn the Obstacles into massive fuel for Growth.  That's what we will talk about on today's podcast.

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George Wright III