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Dec 27, 2023

The Simple Formula for Success in 2024
Welcome back to the dealer mastermind...
I hope you had a great weekend and looking forward to talking with you over the next couple of days as you strategize for the coming year.
If you're in deep thought, or you're trying to reflect on what you wanna do or change for next year... The miss episode should help you in a big way.
I wanted to share with you a simple formula that you can use to create major results in the coming year. It's not formula that's complicated in fact it's very very simple. I think you're gonna find a simplicity is going to be the key to creating results for you next year. If you will take some time and apply the principles of the simple formula I feel you can create some significant changes in the coming year. But it's going to require you taking action, small little steps, on a daily basis throughout the year.
Thanks for listening and I appreciate you supporting the podcast.
Please share the show and let me know what I can do to help you in your efforts.
George Wright III
00:31 Year End Planning and Strategy for 2024
00:55 Daily Mastermind Quote of the Day
01:14 The Importance of Breaking Down Big Tasks
01:36 A Simple Formula for Success
02:06 Understanding the Complications of Success
02:15 Seven Steps to Lifetime Success and Fulfillment
02:53 The Success Process and Formula for Getting Results
04:22 Five Points to Create Success in the Coming Year
04:40 The Success Formula: Clarity, Purpose, Strategy, Priority, and Action
05:21 The Importance of Clarity and Purpose in Achieving Goals
06:11 Developing a Plan and Setting Priorities
07:31 Taking Action Towards Your Goal
08:39 Conclusion and Invitation for Feedback