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Jan 30, 2020

Get ready to meet 2 Massive Influencers in the world right now.  Patrick Kucera and Don Whitmore are dominating the scene of business in a Major way with the "Revival of Revenue" message.
Join me today as we discuss Business, Global Influence and Strategies to Make an Impact on the World.  These gentleman are the true definition of going from Success to Significance.
Meet Patrick “PK” Kucera:  
SINCE 1990 in over 100 cities across 5 continents, PK has founded businesses, brands, trademarks and ministries, and he consults and advises CEOs, Politicians, Kings, and Entrepreneurs around the world.
Given the creativity of an entrepreneur and the charisma of an evangelist, PK is internationally recognized and a sought after speaker for the “Non-Profit” and “For Profit” worlds. His innovative ideas and intriguing concepts have captured the attention of professionals at the highest levels of business. Bringing “sacred solutions” to “secular problems” is the reason "The Revival of Revenue” concepts have been promoted and touted by authorities on Wall Street.
Along with his Partner Don Whitmore they are helping Entrepreneurs like you and I Navigate today's business world with original thoughts on:
  • How to rebrand, recreate, and redefine you and your business opportunities to get your life "inTheJetstream" — Getting inTheJetstream is all about increasing the value of your time and the speed at which you do business.

  • How to self-empower, self-educate and self-employ to "Create Your Own Economy" in the only economy that you control—your personal economy! 

  • How to maximize, monetize and market your God-given gifts to create a Revival of Revenue for you!

Don’t miss a minute of this podcast episode and I hope you will be inspired to take your Life and your Business to the next level through its message.

Its time to go from Success to Significance with your Life and Business.
George Wright III
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