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Nov 23, 2020

Welcome back to the Daily Mastermind…


I’m super excited to change up our format of the weekly podcast episodes over the last 6 weeks of the year.


I’ve decided to mirror my own personal schedule throughout the end of the year in order to motivate and inspire you with the ideas, strategies and schedule that I am personally implementing to take things to the next level and start 2021 with Massive Momentum.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what you (my listener) wants, needs and benefits from the most. I realize that most people don’t have access to the experts, resources and support that I personally have in my life, so I am going to make an even greater effort to bring those resources, ideas and strategies directly to you…the same ones I am personally using to level up my various businesses, income and personal life.


So, what does that mean…well, here is what I intend to do over the next 6 weeks.


Value:  Personal, Business, Finances


Goal:  Motivation, Inspiration, Education….to Unleash Your Potential


Strategy:  to become a daily staple for you in your daily rituals, so you can (not only check the box) but feel like you are making progress by simply plugging into the show.


Weekly Schedule (Flexible as we dial it in)

Monday- Prosperity Principles & Motivation to start the week

Tuesday- Business Strategies to grow your business

Wednesday- Motivation & Inspiration with Guests and 7-Figure Mentors

Thursday- Financial Education to create, grow and protect wealth

Friday- Lifestyle & Ideas to carry you into the weekend


Resources I will draw from:

  • PWA- longest running financial education company in the country with experts in asset, tax, estate planning, real estate & stock investing, and the top experts in all areas…(examples)
  • 7 Figure Mentors like best-selling authors, 7-9-Figure business owners, and Entrepreneurs “crushing it” in the markets.
  • Top Books, Resources, Mobile Apps and Business Tools I use for growing my multiple businesses and Revenue Sources.
  • Access to Tools, Services, Mentors, and Products…. not selling…won’t be selling on this podcast.

So, I encourage you to start making the podcast a part of your daily rituals in order to benefit not only from the topics and strategies but to create ROUTINE, CONSISTENCY AND COMMITMENT to taking your life, your business, and your finances to the next level.


Now with that said, I want to share with you a pretty important principle today that I feel will set you up for success over the coming weeks.  It is the principle of PERSPECTIVE, ACTION and DETERMINATION.


I recently reread an amazing book by Ryan Holiday called, the Obstacle is the Way.  I want you to pick up a copy when you get a chance.  Ryan is a multiple times best-selling author and someone that has a unique perspective on life and business based on the idea of Stoicism which you’ve probably heard about if you listen to Tim Ferris or any current Entrepreneur Crushing it now days.


Let me explain the principle, the thoughts and some strategies you can use to Change Your Perspective and Your Life in a big way over the coming weeks…


Preface Page 1

Preface Page 2 PP 1 and 2


We are all facing Obstacles in our lives right now.  It might be a business challenge; it might be loss of a job.  It might be a relationship gone wrong that is affecting everything in your life.  It might be health concerns or communication problems.  It might even be a challenge that is with someone close to us or someone that we love and care about, but it is affecting our lives and challenging our mindset daily.  


Whatever the challenge, these are usually things that really impact our daily lives.  They are usually big obstacles that keep us “stuck inside our heads” or “paralyzed to move forward" in areas that we really need to be focused on in our lives right now.  Well, this book and the thoughts that Marcus Aurelius is talking about area a BLUEPRINT (solution so to speak) for how we can not only Overcome these Obstacles but Turn the Obstacles into massive fuel for Growth.  Let me explain…


What if "embedded inside the problems" we are facing or “inherent in it” were certain benefits…benefits only for you?  What would you do if you knew that?  Let’s be honest…probably nothing causes most of us are the same… we are simply paralyzed or stuck when it comes to massive obstacles in our lives.  The reason for this is that stuff that blocks us is blocking us for a reason…Fear, Frustration, Depression, Anger…years and years of programming have us trapped inside our heads.  Usually we know exactly what to do but simply CANNOT ACT…Right?


So why is it that some people can push through their problems and others can’t?  Why do most of us get stuck and can’t seem to get past the same challenges that plague us week after week or month after month in our lives?  There are men and women in life that have become famous because they have overcome their challenges and went on to become amazing leaders because they used the challenges or obstacles to propel themselves to amazing heights…the better versions of themselves.  People like Abraham Lincoln, John D Rockefeller, Margaret Thatcher, Amelia Earhart, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and on and on and on….


Why and How did all these people overcome massive obstacles to become Great and trust me they all had massive obstacles to overcome in their individual stories.  Bottom line, all Great leaders and successful people find a way to turn Weakness into Strength.  Like oxygen to fire, their obstacles become fuel to their internal fires that burned.  All of these people learned to Flip their Obstacles upside down and turn them into Fuel.


And the crazy thing is that the process is pretty Simple…but as Holiday puts it…” never easy”.


It’s not about just “changing the way you look at things” …it involves thoughts, actions and commitment to a purpose…a philosophy in your life.  This is what the idea of Stoicism entails.


The most important thing to remember from the start is that most problems that are keeping us stuck in life are INTERNAL not EXTERNAL problems in our lives.  Most things that happen to us are things that we wrestle with in our minds and because of our perception to the obstacles and problems that we face.  The key to overcoming these obstacles lies in another message from Marcus Aurelius….


Objective judgement, now at this very moment.

Unselfish action, now at this very moment.

Willing acceptance—now at this very moment—of all external events.

That’s all you need.


I don’t have time to get into all the research, examples and stories…and trust me there are a TON of example and proof, but Holiday says…


Overcoming Obstacles is a Discipline of Three Critical Steps...Perception, Action, and the Will.  All 3 of these steps are important to really and truly turning your obstacles into benefits and fuel in your life.  You need to start by analyzing how you look at a problem…your Perception.  Then you need to work on the energy, creativity and approach you use to break the problems down and turn them into opportunities.  Finally, you need to cultivate and maintain an inner WILL that will help you to handle any defeat and difficulty.


I encourage you to read the book or download the audiobook (which I enjoy listening to while getting going for the day or doing cardio).  He really breaks down these 3 areas and helps you to understand, break apart and then develop a strategy to work on all 3 of these areas.  With your perception you need to understand and recognize your power, deal with your never and emotions, and learn to focus on the present moment.  With your Responses and Actions, you will need to understand and focus on moving forward, being persistent, channeling your energy and sizing the moment to choose your direction.  And with your WILL (part 3 of the process) you will need to practice discipline, find peace of mind and find motivation outside of yourself.


But I promise you that as you learn about the hundreds of stories and examples of people just like you and me that overcame the challenges and obstacle in their lives, it literally helps your perspective to change just through this process.  When you realize that you are not the only one dealing with problems you face and that the Hero’s in the stories of life are not “super human” or even always “unique, gifted or rare”, you will start to learn that becoming Great is simply a process.  A Path that each of us can choose to take if we will just apply some time-tested principles to our lives.


So…why do I pick this topic, this book, this idea of Stoicism to start the week?


Ultimately, I feel like it's time that each of us First recognizes that Our Perspective is the key to changing our results in life. Second, that there are specific and proven strategies to help us do this.  And Third, that you are not alone and that you can change your life on a Dime and start to create the life you were truly meant to live.  Let’s start to do the heavy lifting in life.  Let’s be willing to do what it takes to accept that the road is difficult and (instead of struggling without happiness), lets learn to Struggle “intentionally” in order to Create more Happiness, Fulfillment and Success in our lives. That is the purpose behind why I do this podcast.  That is what we are going to try and accomplish each morning that we spend 10-15 minutes with motivation, inspiration and education. 


I am really glad you listened to this episode.  I hope you will make the effort to tune in each morning and also SHARE this podcast with others.  It would mean a lot to me and you would be surprised how many people you can help by simply referring them to positive messages like these.  Help make a difference for others by sharing the podcast. 


I hope you have an amazing week and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow for another episode.

George Wright III