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Jan 23, 2022

Our decisions have shaped our lives and will continue to shape our lives...
Wayne Dyer talks about how the Tapestry of our Lives is a reflection of decisions
One single decision can change the world...
Not all decision will create generational change.
Not all decisions will be monumental or inspire thousands.
But each decision we make WILL create our lives...
...and some will create more impact then you ever thought possible
So, not only can decision change your life...
...destiny shaping decisions (as robert says) can change the world...
...but destiny shaping decisions require belief structure changes.
How do you change your belief structure and create destiny shaping decisions...
...start with what you want
...believe you can influence your destiny
...create the decisions that shape destiny to act on.
Helpful exercise for changing belief structure
...analyze your current decisions and past
...helpful to project your path with decisions
...if it isn't the right path....use that to drive your passion for creating destiny shaping decisions.
Bottom line is tomorrow is coming whether you plan for it or not.
You can either go blindly into your destiny with fear and ignorance, or you can go boldly into your future with planning and intent.
Choice is yours. Choose the destiny you desire.
It is possible. It is real. It is a choice.
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