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Jul 20, 2020

So excited to share this concept of the Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman…
Some of the greatest athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs and others created alter egos that allowed them to show up a high level deputies outside influences, lack of confidence and belief.
I believe this book is an amazing way to hack your outer game while you work on the inner game and develop and growth as an individual and entrepreneur
I want to highlight just a few items form the book but really encourage you to pick up the book or audiobook so you can dig in deep to creating an alter ego and hacking your level of success at a quick and effective pace...
The Power of the Alter Ego Effect comes from
YOU HAVE A CORE SELF...The Core Self is where possibility exists. It’s this deep inner core where a creative force resides waiting to be activated by the power of intention. Because human beings have this incredible ability to imagine, create, and decide, it gives you the opportunity to change something in an instant. 
The PROBLEM is when we start confusing all the other layers that influence our thinking, emotions, and behaviors with who we “really are”.  There are 4 other layers that influence.
-core drivers layer (what motivates you)
-belief layer (how you define yourself)
-action layer (how you show up)
-the field of play (whats happening)
All these layers influence and shape you think feel and see yourself in relation to the different areas of your life (filed of play).
In the Ordinary Worlds you can find a Trapped Self, and in the Extraordinary World you can find a Heroic Self. Both of these represent the typical experience someone feels, depending on how they’re approaching and experience a Field of Play.

The Hidden Forces of the Enemy

The Enemy is a force creating inner conflict and stopping you from showing up as your Heroic Self.
The Enemy is stealing your moment from you, and keeping you tucked away, safe and sound, in the Ordinary World.
The Common Forces that can hold us back from achieving our goals are things like:
Not controlling our emotions
Lacking self-confidence
Worrying about what others may think of us
Doubting our abilities
Taking more risks in life
Not being intentional
A bad attitude
There are Hidden Forces that are harder to detect and can control your life like strings on a puppet. They come in the form of:
Imposter syndrome. 
Personal trauma.
If you’re not clear about what or who needs to be showing up on your Field of Play, you can end up carrying a Trapped Self onto that fields that won’t serve you.
Awareness of Your Ordinary World and Your Extraordinary World Empowers YOU.

The Power of Your Story

For a moment in time, just a few minutes even, anyone can suspend the stories they’ve been carrying with them on the Field of Play and in a Moment of Impact. Anyone can overcome whatever Hidden Force is holding them back or change whatever story they’ve been living out. All it takes is your willingness to suspend your disbelief.

Choosing Your Extraordinary World

To begin the process of getting clear about your goals, outcomes, or results we’l start with your Field of Play, what would you like to:
Continue experiencing/continue getting as a result/continue achieving
Experience more of/get more of/achieve more of
Start experiencing/start achieving/start getting

The Power of a Mission

The great characters in movies and literature, they all seem to be fighting for something bigger than themselves. And even the ones that start out doing good deeds for selfish reasons end up finding deeper meaning in their labors. It gives the effort, struggle, and challenge a higher purpose.
When you begin to attach what you’re trying to achieve to something larger that yourself, it delivers a deeper purpose to you mission.
Whatever gets you onto the fields and gets you moving is all matters.

Defining Your Superpowers and Crafting the Name

The Superpowers you select for your Alter Ego will be the ones you need the most to ensure you show up as your Heroic Self on your Field of Play or during a Moment of Impact.
Start with superpowers. How do you want your Alter Ego to show up during your Moment of Impact? What or who represents the adjectives you selected? Is there someone you associate confidence with?
Choose someone or something you admire. What is it about this person, thing, or animal you admire? What traits(or Superpowers) do they possess?
It’s right in front of you. Is there someone from your past whom you have a connection with or who feels like a kindred spirit?
The best Alter Ego is the one you have the deepest emotional connection with; emotional connection trumps everything.
Ultimately you decide who is going to show up on the Field of Play in your life.
Is it going to be Your Heroic Self or your Ordinary self….
You decide at what level you will play the game of life and what skills and talents you will bring to the field
I understand we are all growing and working on become the best versions of ourselves, but this book (the alter ego concept) has given me an amazing way to immediately jump into a “best version of myself” through visualization and imagination.
I wont even begin to discuss the science, neurology and history that has proven this to be an effective hack for growth and peak performance…you’ll have to research for yourself or read in the book.
For now, I hope this is something that can help you to elevate your game and perform at an extremely high level.  The indirect benefit is that you will create new experiences and new levels of achievement which will in turn increase your confidence, belief and success in your life.