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Apr 19, 2021

Wondering what I've been up to...Missed a couple episodes last week.
1-Launching a new health and wellness company in LA
2-Creating a brand new look and feel for PD Company.
3-Finalizing strategy for our Mastermind Launch.
Most importantly...spend weekend with son in Vegas.
High/Low- pool, food, and movies...masks.
Bottom line is that CPR is critical to creating a life.
Quote of the Day
"Your time is limited; so don't wast it living someone else's life." Steve Jobs
This week I want to talk with you about this thought...right out of the Life Handbook from my partner Robert Stuberg.
We grow into our expectations...but, your expectations originate from your most common what are you thinking about all the time??
Are your thoughts taking you toward your goals, or have your thoughts or other distractions drifted you off course??
Robert has created 7 critical questions that you can use to keep you focused, motivated and moving in the right direction. He has refined parts of these questions over time and I want to talk with you this week about these 7 questions specifically.
We are all different...talents, abilities, etc...
But we all have various opportunities and can leverage the power of our thoughts to capture our goals and dreams.
There is so much power in your must learn to believe and harness that...
More importantly, you must learn to direct your thoughts rather than drift through life.
I'm going to walk you through the 7 questions today and then dig into them much much deeper over the next couple days. Use these episodes to really get clear on where your thoughts are taking you in your everyday life. Let's really dig into what you want and why you want it.
Here are the 7 Critical Questions, and don't let the simplicity of these questions fool you into thinking there isn't significant strategy that needs to be put into each of them.
The Opening Question- What's on your mind?
The Expansion Question- What else is on your mind?
The Focusing Question- What's the most important thing you could be thinking about right now?
The Target Question- Exactly what do you want?
The Guidance Question- How can you obtain help?
The Action Question- What is the best thing for you to do right now?
The Growth Question- What are you learning by examining your thoughts and how can it help you grow?
Simple, but not Easy...don't be fooled.
The key is guidance and direction daily...the devil is in the detail.
After all, Your Thoughts Create Your Life.
Are they helping or hurting you.? Focused or Distracted?