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Feb 7, 2023

Let's talk today about how you can grow your business.

I want to go through the #1 tool you can use to grow your business and 3 specific strategies how you it can get you more leads, more sales, and better communication.

The Tool is a Digital Business Card...Here is what I will cover in this podcast and a link to a FREE NFC Digital Card...No strings attached.  :)

Technology in Marketplace

  • Kids…Teenagers…Text in house? Same with us…
  • Technology is making business growth harder/louder/distractions, etc.

Challenges in Marketplace

  • Technology is good & bad for business…lots of benefits.
  • Attention, Positioning, & Branding is more difficult.
  • Traditional Commerce & Marketing is changing.

3 Powerful Trends

  • Mobile, Video, Text Messaging
  • Transforming how you need to do business and interact with people.


  • 2/3 of ecomm traffic
  • Almost ½ of consumers shop on mobile


  • 84% convinced through video
  • 69% want more video


  • 90% open rates on average
  • 85% prefer text over phone call or email

Solution:  Digital Business Card “Strategic Tool

  • First impression of you and your brand
  • If used properly can capture leads, convert sales, communicate with clients.

How to Grow Your Business with DBC? (3 Core Benefits)

  • How many carry a traditional business card today?
  • How many have a digital business card? Types?  Effective?
  • NOT all Cards are the same…Most Ineffective Overall!!
  • Couple minutes to give 3 specific Benefits & Strategies to use Digital Biz Cards

First, What is Epype?

  • Simple, Easy to Use Marketing & Communication Tool
  • Helps you to Create, Edit, Publish & Share Video Web Pages in just Minutes without any Design or Technical Experience.

Digital Business Card #1 Product (FREE)

  • Fully Customizable Video Landing Page (unlike most)
  • Share through NFC, QR Codes, Links, Social Posts, Keywords, or Campaigns.
  • What is an NFC Card
  • FREE GIFT of an NFC Video Business From Epype at end of Event/Presentation

Benefit #1:  Contact & Connect More Professionally

  • Problem: costly, ineffective, lack info, and don’t make lasting impression
  • Digital Benefits: Brand Yourself, Make an Impression, and Connect more Effectively.
  • EP Example: Business Card, Social Links, Save/Share, Talk to ME, Fully Customizable

Benefit #2:  Capture & Convert More Leads & Sales

  • Problem: paper or websites don’t convert right away (or capture leads)
  • Digital Benefits: Personalize, Target, Provide Key Info, & Links to Products.
  • EP Example: Personal Video, Popup Forms, Customizable links, Images, Calendars, Products.

Benefit #3:  Communicate More Effectively

  • Problem: Remembering interest, Follow up, Time Consuming
  • Digital Benefits: Automation, Features that filter, Tools to Direct Productivity.
  • EP Example: Groups, Tags, Keyword Campaigns, Reporting & Integrations.

The Ultimate Business Growth Tool

  • More Leads, More Sales, Better Communication