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Jan 18, 2022

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder
...why am i not further ahead, or think...
...I thought I'd be closer to my goals?
Maybe you've suffered some setback lately...
Maybe you are not happy or satisfied with your progress in career, business or relationships
Or maybe you just continue to want more...
Well, you are not alone.
Most high achievers feel this way
But why do we continue to question our progress...
Welcome back to the Daily Mastermind...My name is George Wright III, I'm your host...
Today on the podcast I want to look at this topic of Expectations...
...and suggest some solutions for you to overcome the doubts and frustrations
Quote of the day
Les Brown- Live Full & Die Empty
Les is one of the greatest examples of this...
I remember one time he was out visiting my company in Utah....lunch
He had story after story after story...and who can forget his laugh...right?
Anyway, lets talk about feelings that arise in every entrepreneur or high achiever
feelings of doubt, regret, frustration
We talk about enjoying or focusing on the journey but we fail to see the "journey" as it is
...what do i mean by that...explain
When I would question progress, My mentor Robert Stuberg would always say to me things like...
"look at all the progress you have made"...he would point out this and that and this and that
I would slowing and reluctantly acknowledge the truth he was telling, but almost reluctantly
Why is this? Why is there always a sense of dissatisfaction with progress we make?
...does that sound familiar to you?
I believe it is for several reasons...
1- unrelenting standards we place on ourselves (confidence, self esteem, lofty goals)
2- constant focus on the future
3- inability to recognize the little wins
First, we spend most of our days striving, achieving, grow right?
...this is a point...
We must learn to temper that success mindset with "realistic standards"
...lets talk about realistic standards
Ultimately we must lead ourselves to a place of Blissful Dissatisfaction
Second, we need to realize that our constant focus of the future sometimes robs us of the joy of the present.
Awareness is the #1 key to fixing this...
..become aware of missing the present and you will become more present.
create daily and weekly rituals to become Mindful, Focused, Clear and Present
Finally, we MUST find ways to not only "enjoy and focus on" the journey..
...we must also see the journey as it truly is... much so that we start to identify the Wins, the Experience, the Brilliance of the Present
*the present moment is the ONLY reality that exists
Ryan Holiday, one of my favorite authors wrote a book called the Obstacle is the way.
In this book he talks about how the obstacles in our life truly are the solutions to our problems. I think this principle holds true for our inability to see the Present in its true form as well. He says...
"No one is talking glass‐half‐full‐style platitudes here. This must be a complete flip. Seeing through the negative, past its underside, and into its corollary: the positive." – Ryan Holiday
"It’s one thing to not be overwhelmed by obstacles, or discouraged or upset by them. This is something that few are able to do. But after you have controlled your emotions, and you can see objectively and stand steadily, the next step becomes possible: a mental flip, so you’re looking not at the obstacle but at the opportunity within it." – Ryan Holiday
I think that when we truly start seeing the present moment progress we are making... becomes the gateway to even greater success for many many reasons
self confidence
standards met
enjoyment of journey
...and yet it also motivates us to do even more...
Let me give you a simple strategy I picked up from Ryan Holiday...
Amor Fati...a Stoic Philosophy known as "Love of Fate"
The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would describe his formula for human greatness as amor fati—a love of fate. “That one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backwards, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it….but love it.”
Ryan Holiday goes on to say
Love whatever life throws your way. When life punches you in the face, smile back. When struck by misfortune, don’t resist or ignore your frustration. Instead, accept it, feel it, then flip it on its head and learn to love your situation. You’ll only spot opportunity in an obstacle if you adopt an ‘Amor Fati’ attitude.
When a setback occurs, author Ryan Holiday says, "The first thought should not be, 'I'm okay with this,' or, 'I think I feel good about this,' but, 'I feel great about this.' Because if it happened, then it was meant to happen, and I am glad that it did when it did. I am meant to make the best of it."
I believe that when we not only learn to accept our situations, progress and little wins...
...but we learn to LOVE OUR FATE...our awareness takes on a whole new perspective
...and ironically, we will also see far greater amounts of success and "wins" in our lives.
That is my hope for you. Thanks for listening.
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George Wright III