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Nov 25, 2020

WOW...This is Episode 300.  I can't believe it.

To celebrate I am simply going to include my rough random notes for this podcast and encourage you to listen and share this episode.  lol

I hope you enjoy...

Listened to a Powerful Audio from Joe Rogan…can’t even remember where.
Love his passion, enthusiasm and simplicity of thoughts.
He punches you in the face with truth.
Obviously with some colorful language and examples, so I wont do it justice.
But I want to share with you my notes and thoughts from what I remember from this.
Joe Rogan 3 Rules that will change your life
1-live your life like you are the hero of your story
write down what you want and go get it
best advice…live your life like you are the hero
everybody’s life is a disaster…
pretend you are starting the movie and it shows you as a loser
then decide NOT TO be that anymore
do what you want that documentary to be
what do you want your kids to see
he loves a success story
but you wanna know what’s better…
massive failure that you TURNAROUND…get it back together
gotta write it down…think you are the hero
write down the story….craft the story…writing makes a difference
most people just spiral.
its annoying about people that just complain…
nobody wants to be around people that are annoying
2-stop seeking comfort
most people think you are gonna get to a destination where its easy
nobody should want that…certainty is boring…we crave uncertainty
we need to be stimulation and challenges…so stop trying to get rid of them
its sad to see losers that stop trying and stop struggling and just GIVE UP
nothing great about the easy road…crave the hard road
crave the challenges…make it a game
stop being part of the world that seeks comfort
seek lessons and difficulty
through those things you grow…yoga
working out…legs…i hate it…it dont want to do it…but
i end it and LOVE IT…can’t walk…can’t move
the minute you are not doing anything you feel like crap
hello depression, anxiety, low self esteem
human reward systems are carved deeply int your DNZ
if you dont respect that you will not WIN and will not be happy
family, friendships, winning, learning, growing
struggling, hurting, emotions, challenges
3-90% of success is just showing up
you gotta learn to create discipline in your life
it will carry you through when you don't feel like doing things
discipline helps you get things done…
when you do things you have more success
a big part of success is just doing something…just showing up.
if you only act when you feel like it then you wont do it.
you will be insecure, lazy, depressed, anxious and most importantly
you will lose confidence, self esteem and happiness.
everybody feels the same.  there are days that require your to push through
there will always be days you dont feel like doing the work
there will be more of those days than the days you do feel like doing it.
accept that.  understand and be ok with ACTING IN SPITE OF MOOD
and most importantly, its ok to just show up some days.
showing up is 90% fo success.  acting is 90%.
its not just about the wins.  its about the consistency.  its about the discipline.
nobody wants to get up early and work out.  
nobody wants to spend quality time when they are depressed or upset or tired.
nobody wants to act in spite of their mood, but guess what?
stop being tired, lazy, unmotivated.
start being a winner. 
start being a grinder
start being a hero of your story.
Push against resistance.  Learn to recognize, crave and push past resistance.
Have pride in your ability to work.  in your ability to Show up.
You gotta start recognizing the wins in life and showing up is a win.
Final thought….I truly believe that most people doubt themselves and their abilities.  
they THINK they lack Self Confidence or maybe have low Self Esteem
Understand this…there is a difference between self doubt, self esteem and self confidence.  
Learn to recognize and work on each
Ed Mylett taught me an important distinction in these things
-self confidence
-self esteem
-self doubt
You overcome self doubt by growing confidence.  you can grow confidence through your actions.
Do More, Be More, Have more, Risk More through your actions and showing up.
as Joe Rogan said…be the hero, stop looking for the easy, and just SHOW UP.
do the work and you will get results and you will become more confident and eliminate your self doubt
On a side note, Ed talks clearly about ways to increase confidence if you listen to his podcast
1-increase your competence by increasing your knowledge and abilities
2-believe in your ability to learn…even if you dont know something you can learn it.
3-increase belief in your self worth…your intrinsic value….all of us are born with greatness…believe it.
Your intrinsic value, your self worth is not dependent on others or outside influences.  PERIOD
Make it a decision to decide that despite the odds, despite your history, despite your circumstances you are worth it.  you have value.  you are unique.  because you are.
#1 problem people make is that they base their self worth on OUTSIDE factors
…appearance, social media, skills, resume, track record, money, etc
You have self worth by deciding to have self worth.
…sorry i got off on a tangent there, but lets circle back around to Joes Lessons…
1-Be the Hero
2-Stop seeking comfort
3-Just show up
3 simple rules with very specific things you can do to CHANGE YOUR LIFE
if you are ready to move forward.
if you are stuck at all (inside your head or life).
if you are looking for a change, miracle, opportunity, new plan….
Bottom line….Be the Hero of Your Story and Write the Next Chapter.
Thanks for listening
George Wright III