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I Surround Myself With Positive People

Sep 6, 2021

BLOG:  I Surround Myself With Positive People- Pillar #4

This is Prosperity Pillar 4 of a 12-week series on the Prosperity Pillars and this one is sort of a tough one for most people. Principal number 4: I surround myself with positive people.

Les Brown said, “Other people's opinions don't have to become your reality.” Read that again.

Other people's opinions don't have to become your reality.

Stop Struggling With Positivity

I don't know all the reasons why we struggle. I struggle, you struggle, we all struggle so much with putting too much value on other people's opinions. I think we struggle with this because of social media. Because of our competitive spirit as entrepreneurs. We talked a lot last time about acting in spite of our mood, and this principle today will also help with that.

It's difficult to be able to tune out those family, friends and individuals that are the dream stealers. These are individuals that do not want to be positive in their own lives. Here's my advice on that: Stop.

Just stop!

Stop giving value to other people's opinions.

Stop having other individuals determine whether your life is going to be created the way you want it to be created.

Stop Asking For Opinions

So how do you stop? There's a lot of things you can do like:

  • Don’t go through your news feed every day on social media
  • Block those things out
  • Quit asking people for their opinion

Stop asking people for their opinion! This is huge! You need to realize that your network is your net worth. In fact, I truly believe it's better to say, “Your network is your net life creation.”

The people you surround yourself with will determine your life course. It doesn't make a difference whether they’re positive or negative. They're going to influence you. So why is this the case?

Persistence To Results

Napoleon Hill puts an interesting perspective on it in his book, Think and Grow Rich. Many of us have heard of affirmations and things you can do on a daily basis. But we don't dig deep enough into the trainings to get beyond affirmations.

He gives an interesting perspective when he talks about the need for persistence with your affirmations. He talks about persistence being that gateway to actual results with your affirmations. When you develop persistence, you will be able to, more appropriately, hold yourself accountable for your plans and purpose.

Benefits From Positive People 

So why do we start surrounding ourselves with positive people? What benefits can you gain from surrounding yourself with positive people?


If you've ever noticed when you're around positive successful people, you gain their belief. There’s an AA principle called Belief Transfer which means if you don't believe it yet, be around individuals that do. And if you’re around individuals that do, you really can count on their belief until yours gets grown through your own personal experiences and life experience.


Being around positive people gives you a lot of experience. They have the experience of going through the ups & downs, and successes & failures in business and life. 


Being around their experience, positive people will also help you expand your vision. I know when you have been around individuals that are successful, it seems like their vision is just a little bigger or maybe a lot bigger than yours. 

That's a huge benefit to being around positive successful people. It rubs off!


Indirectly you may receive a lot of opportunities and have doors open for you. I've had many individual circumstances in my life where I've been around positive people, and it's just been open doors and opportunities, one right after another.

Influence Your Purpose

Here's the bottom line ...

You need to stop basing your self-worth off other people's opinions. You need to stop doing that! 

Find ways to guard your mind tightly against negative influences. Make the decision to do that. Surround yourself with positive people so that they will help to encourage and push you to your goals, your plans, and your purpose.

Your Strategy Right Now

Here’s one thing you need to do right now. Pick, and add 1 new positive influencer to your network today. It doesn’t matter if you need to re-establish a connection.

  1. Make a decision that you're going to add an individual to your network today. 
  2. Reach out to them.
  3. Tell them that you'd like to start communicating with them.
  4. Express your appreciation and your gratitude for their positivity.

Do this, and let’s see your life start to turn around into what you want. I really believe it's never too late for you to start living the life you were meant to live. So continue to create it.

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