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May 26, 2020

Self Doubt is #1 issue entrepreneurs face.
Self Doubt creates lack of confidence.
Self Doubt does not come from You. (outside influence)
Things you “think” you believe about you tend to prove.
You never get rid of self doubt…You build something bigger
Overcome self doubt through confidence…
Do more, Be more, Have more…
Remember T…F…A…Results
Confidence comes from “doing what you say you will do”
Make commitment and follow through…
Don't leave it up to thoughts and doubt…commit/consistency
3 Things that affect your CONFIDENCE
2-ability to learn and solve problems
3-self worth
Self Worth is internal not EXTERNAL…you must decide this.
What are Ways you can build your Self Confidence and Self Worth…
1-success formula T…F…A…Results
2-keep promises to yourself…internal game requires internal commitments and consistency…
3-Change your state through posture, physically etc
*remember yoru mind and body are linked..body affects mind
Bottom Line you need to learn to be 100% solid on who you are and your identity…
Identify needs to be internal (not external validation)…build through your actions
Ed Mylett says something cool…confidence builds confidence
Be confident and you will Be confident...
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George Wright III