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Aug 23, 2022

Are you terrified of public speaking? Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of having to stand in front of a group and talk? If so, don't worry - you're not alone. Here are some tips, tricks and strategies you can use to become a powerful presenter.

Speak from the Heart

The best way to give a good speech is to be authentic and genuine. If you believe in what you are saying, it will show in your voice and body language. People will be able to feel it.

Be Specific with Your Intent

  • What do you want your audience to remember after hearing your presentation?
  • What do you want them to think or do differently as a result of hearing you speak?

Write it Out

One of the best ways to ensure that your presentation is well-organized and flows smoothly is to write it out.
  • This doesn't mean that you need to memorize every word but having a general outline will help to keep you on track.
  • Don't read your speech, if necessary, just read the lead sentences that you write on a three-by-five card.
  • You should understand your speech so well that you could explain it to an eight-year-old.

Be Present & Connect with your Audience

When you're giving a presentation, it's important to be present and to connect with your audience. 
  • Connect with your audience in the first 60 seconds and then engage them throughout your presentation.
  • Make eye contact with individuals throughout the room and try to establish a rapport. This will help to keep people engaged and interested in what you're saying.

Room Set Up

The way you set up the room can have a big impact on how well your presentation is received.
  • Arrive early and take a look at the room so that you can determine the best way to set up.
  • The worse thing that can happen to you is when they put the bright lights in your eyes and black out the audience.
  • As a speaker, it is important that you see the faces of your audience. It makes a difference.

Learn & Apply Strategies

Public speaking can be improved with experience. However, there are strategies you can use to make sure your presentation a success even if you are just starting out.
  • Try to be your authentic self and speak like you normally would to your audience.
  • Look at them in the eye and address them directly. If you are speaking to a large audience, look at one person then another before moving on.

Increase Confidence with Practice

  You can increase your professionalism and confidence when giving a presentation by eliminating the Uhms, Ahs and pauses in your presentation.  In order to this...
  • Try to pause when emphasizing points. This will help to make your presentation smoother and more polished.
  • The key is to know your subject and what you want to say.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

Impact Your Audience Through Personal Stories

Personal Stories will help you to engage your audience, deliver a more entertaining presentation, and help people to retain your message better.  By delivering key points through a story, you can help people to relate and apply the message you are communicating.

Closing your Presentation

When you're closing your presentation...
  • Be sure to review the main points that you want your audience to remember.
  • Remind your audience what they can do now that they've heard your presentation?
  • Ask them for one idea that they can use NOW. In two weeks. In one month.
  • Give them a Call to Action
  • End on a positive note.
Giving a presentation can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips, you can give a powerful presentation that connects with your audience and leaves them wanting more.
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