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Jul 27, 2020

Every Monday Morning I’d like to start the week by directing your focus back to one of the Core Principles that we have developed and highlight with the Daily Mastermind.  The 12 Prosperity Pillars represent the most important principles that I have learned over time from Mentors and Thought Leaders in my life.
The first of these key principles is the statement, “I Create My Life”.  I believe this is one fo the most important principles that we need to learn, adopt, and create confidence and belief around.  It is the Core Principle that many others principles are built around.  It is super important that you truly learn to believe and have faith around the idea that YOU do create your life.  Your thoughts, beliefs and actions will determine the results you achieve in life.  
When you accept the idea that you create your life, you can begin to craft and build the life you would like.  If you do not believe this thought, you will always feel that life “happens to you rather than for you”.  I truly believe that it is important to start accepting the idea that you are the one person that will create and build the life you want.  No one else is going to do it for you.  
When you accept that idea, it empowers you and helps you to achieve much better results in life.  I’d thought I would share a few ideas and strategies I have learned to help you create your life.  I hope they will inspire you to start spending time working on creating your best life.
Tips for Creating Best Life
  • Have a Clear Vision- we’ve discussed this topic before, but its super important that you spend time really getting clear on what you want your life to be like.  Also, its important to remember that what you focus on grows. So when you focus on getting clear on your life, you will find ways to make that life a reality. When you don’t spend time getting clear, you will undoubtedly get whatever life “dishes out to you”.
  • Be Intentional Daily- another thing I’d like to suggest is that you should be intentional with where you spend your time and where you put priorities in your life.  Successful people don’t let their schedules and days determine their priorities.  Rather, successful people make sure that they schedule and priorities their day with activities that contribute to their overall goal.
  • Script Your Story- lets pretend for a moment that you were writing YOUR STORY.  What would the plot be? What characters would you write into the story? What obstacles, challenges, life lessons and learning would you be committed to seeing written into the script?  I believe that you do indeed write that story of your life.  You can create the story and choose to overcome the challenges that you face because challenges are simply the stories that make your life interesting and worth living.  Spend some time directing the script to be interpreted the way you “want it to be interpreted”.  Put your own meaning on events.  Don’t let events determine their own meaning.
  • Play at a High Level- it is also important to bring up the topic of “Awareness”.  If you want to create your best life, you need to be “aware” of how you are living your life.  How are you showing up and how are you playing at the game of life.  Is it at a level 10 or a level 2?  Are you giving each day your best effort or are you simply showing up.  I know we can’t always be at our top level of performance.  Even Professionals need rest and recovery, but it’s so important that you are “aware” of how you are performing.  This requires tracking, feedback and even adjustments.  I always recommend mentors, coaches and accountability partners if you want objective feedback in this area of your life.
  • Prioritize Your Life- obviously, the most critical thing you MUST do is to prioritize YOU and YOUR life.  It’s hard for some people to prioritize themselves because they feel it makes them appear selfish or even self centered. If you have ever traveled on an airplane you know that they will instruct you to put your own mask on before anyone else in the event of an emergency.  This is because the best way you can help others is to make sure that you are taken care of and that you are healthy and in the position to help others.  I believe that the same principle applies in day to day life.  When you work on creating a life that takes care of YOU and you are healthy, happy and fulfilled, then you will be infinitely better at being an inspiration to others around you.  I spent much of my life working to satisfy other people needs, wants and desires, and I finally started putting myself first and it has made all the difference.  I start each of my days focused on daily rituals that make me a better version of myself and it helps me to bring the “best version” of myself to the people that I love and care about.
Remember it’s Never Too Late to Live the Life You are Meant to Live…
Quotes to Inspire You
"Today is the first Day of the Rest of Your Life,” Charles Dederich.
“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love,” Jim Carrey
“People overestimate what can be done in 1 year and underestimate what can be done in 10,” Bill Gates 
Throughout my life I have planned many of my big goals in the short term (6months to a year), and I have set very few long term goals.  What happens with this is that you add unneeded pressure and the ups and downs associated with short term goals.  When we take the advice of Bill Gates and plan our lives and business with a longer term business, we accomplish so much more.  Also, you can gain very valuable perspective and patience when you take a longer term approach.
I am not saying that you shouldn’t break your long term goals into shorter term milestones, but I am saying that most people lack the long term planning and therefore don’t maintain a “bigger vision” of what their life could ultimately become.  As a result, they are forced to ride the ups and downs of the waves of life.  Try to start with your vision long term and then work backwards.
My goal with the Daily Mastermind is to help you Create the Life you were meant to live.  I try to do this by providing you the motivation, inspiration and education that I feel can help you create the best version of yourself and Unleash Your True Potential.  But ultimately, the work is up to you.  You must be willing to accept that YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE.  I know that you have greatness inside you.  I know that you can make an impact on the work and that you will accomplish amazing things if you will Prioritize Your Life.  
I hope this message resonates with you and you will share it with others. 
George Wright III