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Jul 26, 2022

How are you doing today?  How are things going in your life and business?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place in our lives where we are truly desiring a Major Evolution or Transformation.  This is what I am talking about today.  I don't think just leveling up is always the answer to create true change in our lives.  Sometimes we truly need ot reinvent or evolve ourselves into a better version of what we can truly become.

I want to share a couple stories and also soem key principles today with you that I hope will inspire you to create an evolution for yourself and or yoru business.

What does it take to create an Evolution?
1- Desire
        vision, clarity, purpose…passion
2- Commitment
        decision, resolve, faith
3- Discipline
        discomfort, ultimate self worth, happiness
4- Structure
        pillars (12), rituals, accountability
5- Action is the KEY
        set up structure, KPIs, productivity not activity
If you are serious about Evolution, I want to help
Go to the Daily Mastermind…Mentoring…book Appointment
Thanks for listening.  See you again tomorrow.
George Wright III