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Nov 22, 2021

Episode 481:  How to Create a Massive Evolution in Your Life

A few years back I had to deal with a pretty difficult shift in my business and personal life.  I remember talking with a mentor of mine and he said, "George, you have a couple different paths you can take to create some change in your life right now".  He said, "you can choose to create a REVOLUTION or an EVOLUTION."

I really thought a lot about that moment over the last few years.  It appears there are times in our lives that we can choose change, but choosing the path for change is the real key.  You can choose a revolution which generally ends up with force, hurt, challenges and difficult situations...and make no mistake, sometimes this is needed.  Or you can choose EVOLUTION that can create change in a positive direction through a process of taking the high ground and outstrategizing the difficulties in your life.  I chose Evolving my life and I think it is a wise choice for many of us in life as well.

Today on the podcast I want to talk to you about creating some massive change but also strategies that can help you to do this over the coming week.

Thanks for listening.  I hope you gain value from these thoughts.

George Wright III