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Jun 30, 2022

Quote of the Day
Failure is Success if We learn from it…Malcom Forbes
Most of my life I have heard the phrase, “Success is a journey not a destination”.
This has always been difficult for a passionate and driven entrepreneur like myself to understand.
Sure, I have adopted and heard all the statements and thoughts that are continuously kicked around.  Thoughts like:
  • learn to enjoy the ride
  • find joy in the process not just the end goal
  • focus on the little things because one day they will become the big things in life
But, I have also found that the the end GOAL is what motivates me the most.  The reward, recognition and personal satisfaction of achieving more has been the best driver of actions and results in my life.
So, its been difficult to reconcile how to continue to Dreambuild and Create a Vision of the future, while finding a way to create Passion for the Present Moment and the “Process” in the meantime.
Maybe you struggle with this as well.  After all, I have even promoted the statement...
Don’t let Your Vision of the Future Rob you of the Joys of the Present Moment.
But just the other day I heard a Thought on another Podcast that really rang home for me on this topic, and I wanted to share it with you today.
The thought was this….BECOME OBSESSED WITH THE PATH.
It was just a slight variation of the idea that we should enjoy the process but it got me thinking about a way to truly become Obsessed, Passionate, and Focused on the PATH as much as the End Goal.
Rather than just becoming grateful for the process or finding ways to motivate myself to enjoy the road to new levels of success
I think a real key for you and I is to actually “build a process” that we can become Obsessed with.  This requires us to be intentional with our focus and focused with our intent.  
Looking back I believe there have been many times I have unconsciously created a Path that I could become obsessed with in my life and business, and that has almost always lead me to massive levels fo success.  
What I am focused on doing now, and I recommend you do as well, is to “Consciously” build a path that you can become passionate about while achieving your end goals.  
There are always many ways to create a result.  What I am suggesting is that you personally craft a Path that you CAN BECOME PASSIONATE AND OBSESSED WITH to get to your goal.
So, How do you do this.  Well, my experience has show me that it requires several key ingredients and then structure and discipline along with it. After all, Creating your best life is going to require a Game plan.
Here are a few suggestions that I have for you:
1-Make sure your path is aligned with your Unique Talent.  This is focusing your activities around what you are "Excellent at" and "Passionate about.
Too many of us are working a job or running a business we simply dont enjoy or we are not excellent at…just to make a check.
2-Make sure your end goal or vision is in alignment with your actual talents.  
It doesn't make sense to create success or opportunity in an area that you ultimately don't want to end up doing long term.  If you do, despite the money and opportunity, your subconcious mind and your heart will constantly be working against you.  
I had this happen in several businesses that I made an incredible income with but ultimately was not happy running or being a part of.  Not because they weren’t legitimately helping other people, but because i was not ultimately passionate about the business itself.
Also, I think it is important to also mention a few critical factors you need to add to your Path in order to truly become Obsessed and Successful along the way.
  • create extreme structure and discipline in your daily schedule
  • create firm accountability and feedback from mentors
  • create detailed tracking and reporting of key performance indicators
  • create periodic evaluations of your results
  • create a community, mastermind, or inner circle that aligns with your vision
  • create incentives and rewards for yourself along the way to success
When you include these disciplines in your path and daily processes, it helps you to relax and focus more on the present moment because you have a plan and you are tracking all the key areas of your business.
Most of us are constantly trying to stay on top of too much in our life and business.  Put processes, indicators and structure in place you that you can remove the pressure of your entire life and focus more on the tasks at hand or the people you are with in the moment.
It is my wish for you that you can begin to start creating and living the life you were meant to live by helping you to consciously create a PATH that you can become Obsessed and Passionate about.
I hope my thoughts will help you to do that.  They are definitely helping me.
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