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Apr 10, 2024

Let's Talk about Wealth...What and How do you define TRUE Wealth?
Examples of Wealth categories: Health, Relationships, Time, Family, Knowledge, Money, Assets, etc.
3 most Important Types of Wealth:
1- Health
2- Relationships
3- Finances
Note- truly determine what factors are important to you in each...
#1- Health- state of high energy and enthusiasm
Health is the corner stone of wealth that affects all other wealth categories.
Several parts....not just physical.... and mind
Formula for great health is made of of diet, exercise, attitude and mindset.
Mental discipline can be considered a key ingredient of physical and mental health.
Benefits: manage stress, anxiety, better energy, clarity, peace and self image and confidence.
NOTE- water is a key ingredient of great physical health.
#2- Relationships- love, respect, admiration and closeness with other people in your life.
Many areas of relationships...partner, family, friends, and partners...
Take inventory and maintain
Key ingredients to improve your relationships...TIME and APPRECIATION (gratitude)
NOTE- learn to prioritize this type of wealth and VIEW it as a true asset in life...will influence other areas.
#3- Money Wealth- accumulation of assets, security and lifestyle
Most people don't track...this is key to accomplishing anything.
What are your numbers? What do you want? What are you trying to accomplish in life, business and lifestyle?
4 Critical Areas or Steps to Accumulating and Appreciating Money Wealth
1- Attitude- abundance, value, investment v expense, gratitude
2- Protection #- emergency cash to cover your needs for 1-2 years
3- Independence #- enough cash or investments to cover your needs without active income (but don't stop active)
4- Freedom #- enough cash or investments to cover your "wants" and lifestyle
NOTE- Money is a result...of mindset, activity, strategy and focus.
Money is a tool not a destination.
Money is simple but requires discipline and consistency.
Learn to budget, track, focus and value the money you have.
How you do anything is how you do everything...
thanks for listening today.  see you tomorrow.
George Wright III
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