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Jun 26, 2023

This week we are getting ready for a full 12 week transformation starting in July...Evolution of Your Life
we are talking about evolving your mind, body, money, business, and lifestyle.
20 years of mentors, contacts, connections....sharing with you the success secrets...
...the success clues that create the greatest change.
Topic Today: Evolve your Mind
Problem: Daily Battle Going on in your Mind
It affects you in every aspect of your life...
Confidence and Self Esteem
Depression and Anxiety
Overwhelm and Paralyzed thinking
Ultimately, the mind continues to drag you into the Past or Worry about the future...
Here is the challenge:
Thoughts Control Your Life
You are not your thoughts, but its tough to direct your thoughts
60,000 thoughts a day....most of us the same thoughts
sure you can try to slow down thoughts or limit through meditation, but its hard...
Influences around you always...people, social, work, pressures...
Environment and Background (conditioning) works against you
1-Start by recognizing and realizing that there is a Inner World and Outer World
you must accept this as a principle...your thoughts create your created your life.
2-Take responsibility for your life, thoughts, direction, etc.
it is empowering to take this stand and make this decision
3-Understand the Thought Equation...Thoughts>Feelings>Actions=Results
now it is just a matter of "logically" directing your thoughts "more often"
you must be proactive not reactive in creating thoughts
4-Create Daily Rituals that will create Consistency, Boundaries, and Progress (Trackable)
Example: 12 Prosperity Pillars...repetition and affirmations
-meditation, journaling, affirmations, people,
Tomorrow we will discuss Mind and Body Connection and how you can use your body to drive your mind.
I hope you have learned something today...or at a minimum inspired to Evolve Your Mind
if you want more support, community, mentoring...Results...
Starting in July we are going on a 12 week journey to truly create an Evolution in your life...
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