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Jun 27, 2023

Topic Today:  Evolve your Body
Yesterday we talked about the mind...but the body mind connection is real
Are you constantly struggling with your energy...cycling, caffeine, tired and sluggish?
Are you dealing with problems motivating yourself to do something about your weight, physique or appearance?
Are you happy with your appearance?...Be honest?
It's also not about appearance in this episode...its about your BODY...
...the part of you that is the vehicle to accomplish your dreams and you really understand that?
Here is the Challenge:
Your HEALTH is your greatest Asset...think of it like an investment
The roots create the is real the affect it has on your results in life!!
most of us don't recognize the connection between the mind and is HUGE
most of us don't think about the fact that our body is going to completely affect our RESULTS
It affects your level of confidence and self esteem....results!!
It affects your level of influence over others...results?
It affects your level of energy which drives your performance...results!!!
In my life there have been times I have struggled with is a very real thing for me (discuss)
When those parts of my life come up, it is almost 100% of the time when I am struggling with body.
Just look at the connection between your mind and body...look at your posture each day when you are up or down.
Ask yourself if you are currently where you want to be...
Ask yourself if you feel you could level up in this area...
Ask yourself what it would take from a commitment level...motivation level...incentive level...
What drives your it convenience, accountability, knowledge, motivation??
Put all of those aside and just make a decision to Level EVOLVE your body.
Let me give you some super simple things to start with.
Simple but extremely effective...not silver bullets...just proven results...
Eat Less...More More...Stop feeding your face...PERIOD
Real Talk...but lets talk a bit more about execution and tactics. 🙂
Solution: Focus on a few simple key areas...regardless of your level...
-reduces stress, improves mood, concentration, cognitive focus, immune systems, on and on...
-think about the fact that you sleep 1/3 of your life...important to optimize your sleep
-optimize your sleep with consistency, temperature, avoid meals and electronics (blue light)
-60% of the human body is made up of water...dehydration leads to all types of fatigue and health concerns
-the brain is 73% water...think about wonder you struggle through the day
-create a goal and drink more will change your life
-think of nutrition as fuel for your vehicle
-dont get caught up in diets and fads...break down your nutrition according to your goal
-mine is gaining lean body mass, so i start with protein and work backwards
-if you need it...create a plan.
-stop using food to cope with life and start using it for a purpose
4-Activity...just move...that is the key
-cardio, weights, activity, lifestyle...find what works for you, but ultimately you need activity
-track steps on your phone...just tracking or "attention" will change your life
-movement is the key every couple hours.
-get a routine and stay consistent
5-Accountability is the SILVER BULLET...there you have you have the secret.🙂
without accountability you will continue to be where you are at...regardless of your current level
DAILY RITUALS that work for you to create consistency, simplicity, and discipline (boundaries)
Tomorrow we will discuss would be surprised how much peace you can attain by simply having game plan...starting simple...directing you to some key resources and a free summit event next month.
I hope you have learned something today...or at a minimum inspired to Evolve Your Mind
if you want more support, community, mentoring...Results...
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