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Sep 29, 2021

Episode #447:  How to Engage in Focused Thinking
I believe one of the biggest problems we have in life is that we do not devote enough time to focusing on the Life we Want to Live, The Person we Want to Become, and the Goals We Desire to Achieve.  I’d like to share some great wisdom today from a book I have on my desk in my office.
by John C Maxwell:  How Successful People Think
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
In order to become Successful in life, relationships, business or personally, I believe we need to strive to find time to Engage in Focused Thinking.
Maxwell says that focused thinking will help you to remove distractions and mental clutter so that you can concentrate on an issue and think with clarity.  He says it can do several things for you…
1- Focused Thinking Harnesses Energy Toward a Desired Goal
-the greater the difficulty or size of problem the more focused thinking is required.
2- Focused Thinking Gives Ideas Time to Develop
-sometimes to take ideas to the next level you need to shift from being expansive to thinking very selectively and this requires focused time on your objectives.
3- Focused Thinking Brings Clarity to the Target
-to attain your goal you need to focus on a clear target and focused thinking will help you to clarify your goals and achieve them.
4- Focused Thinking Will Take You to the Next Level
-in order to achieve greatness you must spend time specifically working on your talent and skills needed to achieve your goals.
But, the question starts to form for most people, “Where should you focus your thinking?
Maxwell tells us that you should focus your thinking into 4 main areas:  leadership, creativity, communication and intentional networking.  He goes on to gives several steps to help you determine what those key areas should be specifically for you.
1- Identify your Priorities
Start by listing out your priorities in each area of your life.  Then, begin to narrow in on you strengths and the areas that are the best use of your talents and abilities.  Obviously you should priorities the areas you get the biggest ROI and follow the 80/20 Rule.
2- Discover Your Gifts
Most people are unaware of what their true strengths are.  I like to follow the advice of one of my Mentors and Partners Robert Stuberg who talks about narrowing in your time and attention in your area of Unique Talent.  This is represented by the things that you are Excellent and Passionate about.
3- Develop Your Dream
I talk a lot about clarifying what your dream is.  Maxwell talks about using Focused time to discover your dream if you are unsure what it is.  I like to ask myself a key question if I ever feel stuck on what my DREAM really is…Try asking, “What do you want your life to be like?
The next step in implementing more Focused Thinking in your life is to Stay Focused while you are practicing this specific daily or weekly activity.  You can do this by:
  • Removing Distractions
  • Making Specific Time for Focused Thinking
  • Keeping Items of Focus in Front of You
  • Setting Goals  
  • Questioning & Tracking Your Progress
Finally, you must truly identify what you are going to sacrifice to find time and commit to Focused Thinking.  After all, if your life is worth living, then its time to identify the areas of your life you can cut back on.  In fact, you should be willing to give-up some of the things you love in order to focus on things that will make a major impact on your life and quality of life.
Ultimately, I’d like you to ask yourself a critical question
Am I dedicated to removing distractions and mental clutter so that I can concentrate with clarity on Creating the Life I Truly Desire to Live, and Become the Person I would like to Be?
I appreciate you listening today.  Have an Amazing Week.
George Wright III