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Sep 30, 2020

Don’t Wait for the Winds to Change in Your Life
It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way you will go…Jim Rohn
What does this mean?
  • This is very applicable to today…
  • You may be feeling like everything is pushing you around in life right now.
  • You may feel like life is happening “to you” rather than “for you”.
  • Maybe you feel like you can’t catch a break.
  • Maybe you feel like you are not making progress.
  • Or Maybe you just feel “not in control” of the direction you are moving.
Let me use a couple analogies to help you realize that…
…You have more control than you think you have over your life and direction.
Story about Sailing...
  • I am not a sailor but I heard an interesting story the other day.
  • Most people know and could manage to sail in the direction of the wind.
  • However, an experienced sailor knows that it doesn’t matter if there is wind or the direction it is blowing.
  • An experienced sailor can navigate any direction regardless of the wind’s direction.
  • In fact, they can even said “against the wind”.
  • They know that it is the “set of the sail” not the “direction of the wind” that takes them in their preferred direction.
This is a huge example of the difference between someone being blown around in life and someone that learns to navigate life in the direction they want to go.
Another really cool example and probably suggestion comes from this story…
Its a Story about “Ancient Sailors”..
  • Ancient sailors used to travel the northern seas and would notice something crazy…
  • This was very early and before we new much about icebergs and the science  associated with them.
  • The sailors would be sailing through the cold waters and moving in the direction of the wind.
  • They would notice these massive ice bergs and be baffled by the fact that they were moving in the opposite direction of the wind.
  • Any guess as to why?…
  • It's because most of us know now that 90% of the size and mass of an iceberg is below water.
  • We have also learned that the deep ocean currents (below the surface) dont travel in teh direction of the wind.  They sometimes travel in the opposite direction.
  • But, because the mass of the iceberg is far below the surface, it travel in the direction of the Oceans “currents”.
This is an excellent example of what we can do in our lives to change our direction.  
You see when you establish deep “currents” in your life…like value, goals, passion, direction...
When you establish deep currents (values) in your life, they will carry you through, against or opposite the wind.
What does this mean for you?…
  • It doesn’t matter what is going on “around” you.
  • It doesn’t matter what other people think.
  • What really matters is what’s going on “inside” you…your mind.
  • You need to learn to ground yourself in your values, goals and priorities.
  • You need to be prepared before life “happens”, so you can handle it when it does.
How can you change your direction despite the winds in your life?
Learn to focus on your perspective not the situations.
Stop Focusing on the wind and circumstances.
Surround Yourself with Positive Influences
Focus on Key Daily Rituals
These are my main suggestions for you to implement, but I want you to know that I believe you can steer the direction of your life if you truly focus on it.  You DO have what it takes.  You are given everything you need to create and change the winds in your life.  
And remember…it's never too late to start living the life you WANT to live.
George Wright III