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Dec 18, 2019

After 80 Years and over 100 Million Copies sold, the book Think and Grow Rich is probably responsible for creating more millionaires than any other publication.  Its secrets and words of inspiration have helped countless thousands Set Goals, Create a Plan and Take Massive Action to manifest what they desire.

But how come so many people that have read and applied its principles NOT created the success they desired?  It's not because they didn't apply the principles.  It is not because they didn't work hard.  However, I truly believe it IS because they missed a couple important steps in the process of going after their goals.  

Today I'd like to point out a few "hidden messages" or steps I feel you may be missing when you are setting your goals for 2020.  I hope that you can gain some insight and inspiration from this episode.  Please listen and send me some feedback if you have anything you can add to the discussion.  

Also, I'd like to ask you to share this episode online or with anyone you know that might benefit from the principles we discuss here today.

Thanks for listening.

George Wright III

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