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Dec 28, 2023

Today I want to take you back to an episode I did on journaling so that you can incorporate it into your planning and rituals for the new year.  I hope it inspires you...
Quote of the Day
Never Stop Dreaming, Hal Elrod
Most Successful People I’ve met including very well know keep journals.
-isaac newton, leonardo davinci, copernicus, business leaders, etc.
Most see journaling as a TASK because of school or our need for results.
As I’ve shifting internally (inner game vs outer game) I’ve seen the benefits.
Scientifically speaking there are massive benefits in the areas of neuroplasticity, personal development, coping with problems, and simply to destress.
lets talk today about 7 specific benefits in hope it will inspire you to start or increase practice…
7 Proven Benefits fo Journaling
Communication Skills Development
Record of Memories leads to Happiness
-trigger emotions
-cement experiences
-relive emotions
Achieving Goals
-tracking progress
-recognition of progress
-stimulates imagination
-creating solutions…writing takes abstract and makes it clear and specific
-brainstorming exercise
Stress Reduction & Coping
-research has proven its a techinque to reduct stress
-talking, writing, identifying things that create circularity on your mind helps.
-moves you from emotions to logic and helps to get UNSTUCK
Self Awareness & Progress
-identify patterns
-identify solutions
-before, during, and after experiences
Overall, it is a Staple DAILY RITUAL of mine and although it doesnt always happen, it definitely guides me back at times to get on track.
Don't take my word for it.  Expert Opinion:
As Judy Willis MD, a neurologist specializing in brain research regarding learning suggests: "The practice of writing can enhance the brain's intake, processing, retaining, and retrieving of information… it promotes the brain's attentive focus - boosts long-term memory, illuminates patterns, gives the brain time for reflection, and when well-guided, is a source of conceptual development and stimulus of the brain's highest cognition."
Tips and Suggestions
Determine best method
-I use both App and Written depending on need and moment
Be consistent
-reminders set and create a structured time and place
Create a focus that FITS YOUR NEED
-gratitude to change your frequency
-success updates to change your focus or filter
-memories or experiences
-all of the above
Don’t focus on the Detail, Focus on the Process
-say yes and figure it out
-just start
-share or don’t share…do it for YOU!!