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Jan 31, 2020

Every Friday i would like to start focusing on LIFESTYLE because as an Entrepreneur, its important path we don't just grind but we create a life.  So, I am planning to focus on Sharing Tips and Strategies on how you CAN MAKE YORU LIFE BETTER on Friday each week.
Some weeks it will be travel, luxury, life hacks, etc.  Other times it will simply be articles or stories i find that i feel are Golden Nugget to help you create more space in your life for LIFESTYLE.
This week i want to share an article i read from Lifehack website.  This article is written by David Williams and was featured on  I will add the details in the show notes, but I love the 15 things that David Williams says Highly Focused People DON'T DO...
Let me list and comment on the 15 points so you can see how you can eliminate them from your life...
15 Things Highly Focused People Don't Do
Focus is key to success and this article talks extensively about ways you can create focus and operate in the present moment...

1. They don’t gossip.

Bottom line…if you have time to gossip you are not busy enough and not focused enough…
Successful people focus on themselves and don't worry bout others…they focus on their business and results...

2. They don’t multitask.

If you want to create results you are going to have to focus on boosting your attentiveness and productivity on each task you start.  science has proven that adding 2-3 tasks will lower your productivity...

3. They don’t procrastinate.

Highly focused people don’t procrastinate. You have to learn to push yourself to accomplish what needs to be done not what you feel like doing…I act in spite of my mood #3PP.

4. They don’t allow distractions to derail them.

Highly focused people remove all distractions. Email, social media, interruptions, etc….all these things lead to reduced productivity and break your concentration…get boundaries and barriers in place to avoid distractions.

5. They don’t seek validation from others.

Stop living on the validation of others.  Learn to seek your own internal validation.  Concentrate on things that increase your self worth like personal and professional development and you will outgrow the need for others approval and validation.
6. They don’t entertain disorganization.
It’s hard to focus when you are disorganized and ironically its easy when you have a sense of organization.  Find ways to increase your organization and see your results, concentration and focus improve...

7. They don’t give silly excuses 

You’ve heard this before.  You can make money or make excuses.  But not both.  I love article pointing out you have same number of hours per day as Sir Richard Branson, Mark Z, and many other success people.  There are never perfect times for anything.  Just make the commitment and get the work done...

8. They don’t avoid risk.

Highly focused people are not afraid to take risks. Life itself is a risk.  Learn to take calculated risks and you will learn from both the positive and negative experiences.  Your success and abundance is “outside” your comfort zone.

9. They don’t dwell on the past.

Highly focused people don’t dwell on the past. Accept the past and move on….dont let it define or consume your mind or your day.  And most importantly don't let it keep you from moving forward by fearing outcomes that have not even happened.

10. They don’t act rashly.

Don’t rush into things…especially if you are being reactive to a situation.  Take the time to be calculating and make sure your actions align with your vision, mission and already set objectives.  Many entrepreneurs spend too much time running around chasing shinny objects and are reactive to their environment.  this is not how you CREATE your best life.

11. They don’t involve themselves in matters that don’t concern them.

Highly focused people mind their own business. You have a mission and a vision to create and manifest your life.  It does you no good to involve yourself in the business of others.  Stay focused and stay aligned with your priorities...
12. They don’t compare themselves to others.
this is a GREAT ONE TO ELIMINATE FROM YOUR LIFE….stop comparing….The only person you should compete with is yourself.  Comparing yourself to others is the surest way to reduct self esteem, self confidence and results.  Just Stop it. Run your own race…Play your own game…and compete to bring out the best version of YOU and not compare to others in you space.

13. They don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Highly focused people are realistic. This means you must at times have patience, resilience, and most importantly manage your expectations.  Unrealistic expectations can reduce your motivation, lead to disappointments, and also add pressure to you that is not necessary.  Find a way to stretch yourself but also keep from placing unrealistic expectations on you and you business.  Success takes time and the Price MUST be paid.  There is no short cut.

14. They don’t say “yes” to everything.

Highly focused people are not people pleasers. I have talked to you about being willing to say YES and figure it out rather than procrastinate or hesitate. However, it is equally important not to take on too many things that do not relate to you vision just to please others.  Its not about saying yes as much as it is learning and having the courage to say NO….we could all take a moment and apply this better in our lives…including me.

15. They don’t quit.

This one is obvious, but lets be honest….people quit all the time.  Most importantly you cannot Quit in some areas of your life and not in others and not have it influence your degree of success and happiness in your life.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  So, learn to make the commitments and follow through on the commitments you make.  PERIOD….no excuses.
lets review these real quick….
I love that article from and David Williams.  check out show notes to learn more about these 2 great sources and always be willing to learn and apply new ideas.  I hope this has brought some new ideas and clarity for you so that you can become a 
Until next time, have an amazing weekend and i’ll see you back here on Monday.
George Wright III, The Daily Mastermind
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