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Oct 23, 2020

10 Steps to Increasing Productivity 
Creative Problem Solving from Brian Tracy
Brain Tracy has always been a staple mentor of mine.  I have followed his advice, wisdom and ideas for most of my life.  He has spoken at my events and he has brought some amazing insights into how to truly expand and increase my productivity personally.
In a time when we are all struggling a bit to “think outside the norm” and get creative with our business, relationships and finances, I felt it might be a great idea to lay out a framework to do just that.
Brian Tracy has a 10 step approach to solving any problem with creativity and unique perspective.  I hope this will help  you take your productivity to a whole new level.

1) Change Your Language About The Problem From Negative To Positive

I’ve talked about starting from “solutions” on past podcasts and this just reinforces that idea.  When you use the word “problem” it represents a negative.  Using words like “challenge” or “opportunity” is a much better way to program your mind for the positive.

2) Define The Situation Or Problem Clearly

Too often we start dealing with situations in our lives without properly understanding the “problem” we are facing.  When you seek first to understand the problem, you are far better equipped to deal with it.

3) Use Critical Thinking To Approach The Problem From Several Different Directions

It’s super important to analyze what the true problem is at all levels.  Sometimes we are working infixing the smoke and not dealing with the fire so to speak.  Plugging holes in a situation only leaves room for more holes to appear.  Make sure you are dealing with the problem at the source.

4) Clearly Define The Ideal Solution To The Problem

I love this step because it says a couple of things.  You need to “clearly define” solutions, but I would go one step further and say something very critical here.  Make sure you are brainstorming all solutions from a place of abundance.  Often times we are using the easiest, quickest way to deal with problems rather than clearly thinking through options to fix and remedy a problem long term.

5) Pick The Best Solution To Solve Your Challenge

It’s also important that you spend some clear time and focus on picking the right solution.  If you will simply take time analyze the pros and cons of “each” solution, you will sometimes find that a new solution or better solution can appear.  Don’t jump to quick decisions on solutions if you are dealing with a core or critical problem in your business or life.
6) Prepare For The Worst Possible Outcome And How To Overcome It.
Sometimes we find ourselves implementing a solution only to find out that the solution doesn't work.  Be prepared in your mind and in your business to rapidly accept that outcome whatever it is, and immediately go to a new solution.

7) Measure Your Progress

Another trap many of us fall into is that we are hoping for a result but not measuring the progress.  Sometimes a solution fixes a problem but not as well as another solution could fix it.  Have an objective to measure what results you want that solution to create for you.

8) Take Complete Responsibility For Your Decision

Don’t be caught up or too vesting in having your solution be “right”.  Take responsibility for whatever outcome happens, and move on with new solutions if it does not work out.  Remember that failure is only temporary.  Keep moving forward.

9) Set A Deadline For When Things Should Be Solved

A decision without a deadline is a meaningless discussion. If it is a major decision and will take some time to implement, set a series of short-term deadlines and a schedule for reporting.
Deadlines and milestones are the only way you will know if you are succeeding with the solution you have implemented.  Become aware of what progress you are making through these very productive milestones and goals.

10) Take Action And Solve Your Problem

Obviously the most important step is to Take Action.  That is something Tracy is very well know for emphasizing.  Taking Action is the only true way to create results in your life.
I love what another one of me mentors has always told me.  
Take Action and But Allow Space for Attraction.  I promise if you will approach any situation with an Abundant Mindset and with a Spirit of Taking Responsibility and Taking Action, you will absolutely make progress in your life.
Also, remember a couple things I have mentioned before in our Daily Mastermind:
  • What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.
  • If you Think Win Win, you will always come out on top.
  • Act in Spite of Your Mood.  Sometimes problems seem to put us in a funk.
You have everything you need to be successful in your life.  If you believe what Tony Robbins always says.  It is always a lack of Resources or Resourcefulness and one can always compensate for the other.  So, get to work and get it done.
Have an amazing week.  Thanks for being part of our Mastermind Community.
George Wright III