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Feb 22, 2024

Today I want to talk about the importance of self-awareness for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners. Self-awareness is described as a superpower that can significantly influence business growth. It helps in identifying personal strengths, weaknesses, and unique talents which can positively guide business decisions. We will talk about practicing daily meditation and journaling, getting feedback from peers or mentors, reading valuable books related to self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and using helpful apps for self-discovery as ways to enhance self-awareness. Most importantly, self-awareness can also help identify and overcome personal blind spots which can unknowingly harm the team morale, decision making, and overall business growth so we are going to talk about how we can gain better awareness in our lives. 
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01:00 The Importance of Self Awareness
01:37 Understanding Self Awareness
03:29 Benefits of Self Awareness
05:17 Overcoming Blind Spots with Self Awareness
07:44 Strategies for Creating Self Awareness
09:08 Tools and Resources for Self Awareness
10:13 Unlocking Strengths and Superpowers
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