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Apr 24, 2023

Have you ever felt Overwhelmed with your day?

Have you ever felt like your day just got away from you?

Have you ever felt like you have no idea where you day went…

…or how time could pass so quickly?

Most importantly, do you ever feel like all this time passed and you didn't really accomplish your goals and things that were most important 

We have all felt that way.  It's part of the process of navigating this busy, fast paced life.

Today I want to talk to you about how to become more productive and intentional with your time.

When I consult or mentor companies and individuals, one of the biggest obstacles holding people back is their time management…admittedly…

So, today let's talk about this, because if you are just going through life and continue the pattern of looking back wondering where the time went…you will be filled with regret and you will not be successful with your goals, dreams and desires.

First and most importantly, you need to realize and believe that your TIME is your greatest ASSET.

It's the great equalizer… (think about it)

We all receive the same amount… whether you believe it or not, you CAN control where you spend your time… 

You can waste it, spend it, or let it slip by…. or, you can invest it in things that will create value and reward for you.

You can invest your time to build relationships, create an amazing business, increase your active, and passive income, dedicate it or service or philanthropy…and so much more.

But…until you realize, accept and decide that it has value, you will never truly value it…

…and therefore, you will never spend it wisely.

You must learn to Budget your time just like any other Asset.

You’ve heard me say before, that what you focus on grows.  What you focus on you attract.

When you do not value your time, it gets wasted, spent…it disappears and you can seem to figure out where it went…just like your paycheck or your money you’ve been slow to track and budget...

For now let's do this…Accept that your time is your most valued asset and treat it accordingly.

Second, you need to be intentional with your time.  You need to make specific and intentional decisions with when, where and on what you will spend your time. 

You need to protect your time like it's your last few dollars in your bank account.  How are you going to spend that time each day to create a return for YOUR LIFE? 

Now let's pause for a quick minute, because I know what some of you are thinking…

You’re gonna say, "George, easy for you to say because you have your own business and get to make your own schedule.”…and this is true.  But it was not always this way.  

You see people think that, but the truth is that my FREE TIME and FLEXIBLE TIME is a “RESULT” of working hard, managing time, and creating a return.  Sometimes the best return you can get on your time is “more time”.

This comes from working hard but more importantly it comes from being intentional with your time.  You cannot just spend your time haphazardly everyday responding to the whims of life and think you are going to free yourself up.

 Life is a trap that buries you in the mediocrity of an average existence.  

You have to break out of the pattern you are in.  

You have to break out of the thinking pattern that you “Don't have any time” because it simply isn’t true.  You can totally change things about your day. 

You have 24 hours each day and you probably sleep a 1/3 of that time anyway.

Tony Robbins has been quoted as saying that everything in life and productivity comes down to two things….1)resources (like time and money) and 2)resourcefulness (your ability to desire change).  And ultimately, it all boils down to resourcefulness, because if you become resourceful you will find the time and find the money.  I believe that.

 Besides, what have you got to lose.  It’s time to start making some changes and getting your time back and starting to live you BEST LIFE, right?…

So let me give you some tips on how to create more productivity and time in your day.

You may have heard a few of these before but I want you to really assess your life and pick a few of these things you can commit to changing starting right now…

·       Set some Goals

·       Keep a Schedule or Planner

·       Prioritize your Activities (match your vision)

·       Set a time Limit

·       Take Breaks Between

·       Reset Your New Intentions (Brendon)

·       Get Organized

·       Delegate or Eliminate (Stuberg)

·       Plan ahead for Schedule (at least a week)

 And here are some obvious ones that need repeating...

·       Don’t Wake up and Check your phone (30 min at least)

·       Don’t Check Email till your top priorities are Complete

·       Monitor your Phone time by checking your weekly usage

·       Take time before bed so you can sleep better

 These are all ways you can create a better return on your time and they will lead to much more productivity in your life.  And, as an added bonus, when you start managing your time better, you will also receive a ton of benefits to your life and quality of life:

·       stress relief

·       more time

·       more opportunities

·       better health

·       ability to realize your goals

·       and much much more…

 I hope these are ideas and strategies that will inspire, motivate you to value your time.  I also hope you will begin to be more aware of your time so you can invest it wisely increasing Your Best Life.

George Wright III