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Mar 25, 2022

I've spent most of this week at events, meetings and business strategy sessions that have really reminded me that there is a power in developing your network.  So many times we get caught up working in our businesses that we forget the value of building, investing and expanding our network.  Today, I want to share with you some of my thoughts on why spending time building your network might just be the best thing for you to add to your daily routine...I hope you enjoy.
Reasons to Grow Your Network
  1. Strengthen your business
  2. Fresh ideas
  3. Raise your profile
  4. Advance your career
  5. Gain knowledge
  6. Advice and support
  7. Build confidence
  8. Build personal value
  9. Perspective
  10. Lasting Relationships
  11. Answers to Questions
Your Network is Your Net Worth!!!
Where do you start?
...eventbrite and groups
...ask your contacts
...make it a priority
Tips for Effective Networking (Forbes)
  • Give Before you Receive
    • bring value
  • Ask for a Strategic Introduction
    • 3rd party endorsement is an edge
  • Don't Just Collect Cards
    • quality not quantity
  • Followup and Then Followup Again
    • fortune in the followup
  • Suss Out Your Contact's Passion
    • do your homework
  • Deepen Your Network Pool
    • network diversity and up/down
  • Don't Overly Pimp Your Profile
    • be selective and specific with intent
  • Seek Common Ground
    • shortcut to relationship comes from common

Thanks for listening.  Please share this show episode with someone you know.  I appreciate your support and help with sharing these ideas and strategies.

George Wright III